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“The Future” Series on CNN Philippines: Charting the Course of Technological Innovation

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Excitement reverberates through corporate and tech circles as CNN Philippines announces the forthcoming debut of its cutting-edge series, “The Future.” Scheduled to premiere on December 6, 2023, the show boasts a dynamic trio of hosts, featuring Jared Dillinger, Kate Hancock, and Daniel Robbins. “The Future” is set to provide a profound exploration of the technologies and innovations that will define the future landscapes of both business and technology.

Tailored for an audience comprising business professionals, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, “The Future” transcends conventional tech reporting. Each meticulously crafted episode ventures into diverse sectors, including artificial intelligence, immersive tech events, gaming, and healthcare advancements, offering a holistic perspective on the technologies poised to shape our collective destiny.

Distinguished by its distinctive combination of expert interviews and on-site visits, “The Future” grants viewers unparalleled insights into emerging trends and developments. Thought leaders and pioneers from various fields contribute to the depth of understanding, while on-site visits to innovative companies and events showcase the practical applications of cutting-edge technologies.

Kate Hancock, co-host of the series, underscores the show’s significance for the business community, stating, “In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, grasping and adapting to technological advancements is imperative. ‘The Future’ is not merely a show; it is a crucial resource for business leaders, offering actionable strategies to harness emerging technologies for tomorrow’s business challenges.”

Daniel Robbins further articulates the show’s objective, noting, “In a world where technology perpetually advances, staying informed is essential. ‘The Future’ provides a platform for experts to demystify emerging technologies, assisting professionals and business leaders in effectively leveraging these advancements in their respective fields.”

Jared Dillinger shares his vision for the show, expressing, “With ‘The Future,’ we embark on a journey to uncover the technologies and ideas that will shape our world. It transcends the realm of the latest gadgets; it’s about understanding underlying trends and their influence on business and society.”

More than a television series, “The Future” is a celebration and exploration of innovation, intended to inspire and inform a high-level audience. Featuring esteemed guests such as Todd Schweitzer (CEO of Brankas), Henry Aguda (President and CEO of UnionDigital Bank), Len Findlay (CEO of Saltwater Games), Jason Brink (President of Blockchain from Gala Games), Rosalind Lee (CEO of, Eman Pulis (CEO of SiGMA), Ed from PR at 9 Dynasty, Zach Hirsch (Co-Founder of Mozverse), and Gary Vaynerchuck (CEO of VaynerMedia and creator of VeeCon), the series promises an insightful journey into technological advancement.

Save the date for the premiere on December 6th on CNN Philippines, where each episode guarantees a deep dive into a new facet of technological progress. For additional information and exclusive content, visit, and stay updated with the latest from the hosts by following @officialkatehancock, @realdrobbins, and @Jdaredevil2 on social media.

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