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Idaho Potato Commission Adds Perfume to Its Potato Merchandise

Photo: Idaho Potato Commission

The Idaho Potato Commission launched a new perfume that claims to give off the aroma of French fries.

“Whether you’re at a drive through restaurant or dining in, it’s near impossible to not grab a fry and take a bite before you dive into your meal,” Jamey Higham, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, said in a statement. “The smell is too good to resist.”

The “limited-edition fragrance,” called Frites by Idaho, was selling for $1.89 per 1.7 oz bottle on the commission’s website before selling out. So they also launched a giveaway promising more perfume bottles. The giveaway ends on Sunday.

The fragrance is crafted from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils, with the commission saying it captures “one of the world’s most irresistible scents.”

Idaho Potato Commission also cited that nearly 90% of Americans “find the smell of French fries irresistible,” according to a recent national survey by Pollfish. 

Previously, the Idaho commission has released other potato merchandise, including a French fry holder, Idaho potato playing cards, a miniature potato-hauling truck, and a 3-foot-tall “Spuddy Buddy.”

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