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Career Opportunities for Mortgage Loan Officers at Stratton Equities – Where Innovation Meets Success

Career Opportunities for Mortgage Loan Officers at Stratton Equities - Where Innovation Meets Success
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Stratton Equities, a top-tier nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage lender, is on the hunt for experienced Mortgage Loan Officers to fortify their exceptional team based in New Jersey. These capable professionals will be part of an enterprise that thrives on saying “Yes” more frequently to borrowers, facilitating a prosperous relationship with its clientele.

This opportunity stands as an exciting prospect for proficient mortgage professionals who aspire to affiliate themselves with a dynamic firm committed to the growth of its workforce. By offering an abundant supply of direct organic daily leads, robust management training and support, unique mortgage loan programs with competitive pricing, and cutting-edge mortgage technology, Stratton Equities sets the stage for its team members’ inevitable success.

The transition to Stratton Equities is seamless with new Mortgage Loan Officers anticipating the closing of their first loan within a month to a month and a half post completion of initial training. Stratton Equities emphasizes the nurturing of talent that aligns with the company’s core work ethic, philosophy, and business model, enabling the harmonious blending of new additions with the existing team.

Upon joining the Stratton Equities’ team, Mortgage Loan Officers can look forward to:

  • Regular influx of inbound organic daily leads: Stratton Equities provides their Mortgage Loan Officers with consistent leads directly from borrowers inquiring about a mortgage.
  • Attractive remuneration: A competitive compensation plan is in place, with the potential for Mortgage Loan Officers to earn between $110,086.26 – $190,677.36 in their first year.
  • Comprehensive support: Access to an extensive collection of nationwide private money and NON-QM mortgage loan programs. This diversified portfolio empowers Mortgage Loan Officers to offer more solutions to borrowers.
  • Noteworthy resources: Stratton Equities prides itself in offering some of the lowest nationwide interest rates in private lending, beginning at 6.75%, with the capability to pre-approve loans within a day.
  • Growth opportunities: As a burgeoning entity, Stratton Equities fosters a culture of internal promotion, encouraging career progression and advancement for its team members.
  • Stimulating work atmosphere: Mortgage Loan Officers are immersed in an energetic and fast-paced work environment focused on innovation and results.

Stratton Equities’ invitation extends to Mortgage Loan Officers seeking to enhance their career trajectory and licensed Mortgage Loan Originators who are industry newcomers requiring assistance in securing business. This company offers a rewarding professional journey for those keen on carving a prosperous career within a leading nationwide mortgage lender that values the contributions of its workforce.

For individuals eager to contribute their talents and skills to a renowned institution such as Stratton Equities, there could not be a more opportune time than now. The journey to be a part of a vibrant, supportive, and growth-oriented team begins with just a click.

About Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities, specializing in niche private money mortgage loan programs, works directly with entrepreneurs, real estate investors, mortgage borrowers, and mortgage and real estate professionals. They aim to reach $1.2 billion in closed loan volume annually or $100 million monthly. As part of their 2023 expansion and growth, they are increasing the team and hiring experienced Mortgage Loan Officers.

To learn more about Stratton Equities and what they represent, kindly visit

Individuals ready to embark on this exciting journey with Stratton Equities are encouraged to apply via their careers website at or email a resume to

Stratton Equities maintains an active presence on social media platforms where interested individuals can follow them at @StrattonEquities on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, @stratton-equities on LinkedIn, and @Strattonequity on Twitter. Stay connected to witness how Stratton Equities is revolutionizing the mortgage industry one loan at a time.

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