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An Unlikely Hero: ITSEUNCHAE’s Journey to Become TikTok’s First ‘Thick Asian Girl

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Meet Eunchae, the force behind the trending TikTok account ITSEUNCHAE and the Instagram page ITSEUNCHAEOFFICIAL. From being bullied for her physical appearance to becoming an Internet personality, influencer, and TikToker, her journey is nothing short of inspiring.

A few years ago, Eunchae started creating content that transcends borders, from comparing beauty standards and body shaming culture to sharing fashion insights, trending TikTok dances, and her travel experiences. Growing up, Eunchae bore the brunt of a toxic beauty culture that permeates much of Asia. As a taller-than-average girl with a darker complexion and a body type that didn’t fit the slim mold championed by Korean media, she was no stranger to derogatory remarks and body shaming. These experiences made her feel like an ‘ugly duckling’ until she left Korea and realized the harm these standards were causing.

Through her viral TikTok videos and engaging Instagram posts, Eunchae gradually became a symbolic figure, famously dubbed the first “Thick Asian Girl” or “Korean Chun Li.” This identity, she humorously states, has less to do with her physique—she maintains she has a regular body with strong legs—and more to do with the stereotypes perpetuated by Asian media.

ITSEUNCHAE‘s content resonates with people across various demographics, particularly with K-pop fans, individuals interested in Korean culture, women who have been body-shamed, and men attracted to gaming, anime, K-pop, and Asian culture. Her journey from being bullied to being celebrated for her unique features is a testament to her resilience and reflects the changing global beauty narrative.

Despite receiving hate messages accusing her of tarnishing Korea’s image, Eunchae remains undeterred. She believes in the power of conversation to instigate change. To her, addressing the prevalent issues is a step toward a more accepting society and, in essence, an act of love toward her home country. The negativity, once a source of distress, has now become part of her empowering journey.

Eunchae’s content, particularly on the subject of ‘Thick Asian Girls,’ quickly garnered attention and went viral, in part because it challenged pre-existing stereotypes. With every TikTok dance, every travel diary, and every heartfelt discussion about body image, she deconstructs the toxic beauty standards that once plagued her.

Eunchae’s evolution into a TikToker is not just about amassing followers or creating trending content. It’s about shedding light on the fat-shaming culture in Asia, where normal body types are often mislabelled as ‘plus-size’ or ‘big size.’ It’s about exposing the harsh reality that most clothing stores sell “free” size clothing that only accommodates sizes 0–4 and how this indirectly promotes unhealthy body images, especially among impressionable teenagers aspiring to look like their favorite K-pop idols.

With an anime-built, strong-legged image, ITSEUNCHAE has become an unlikely hero, championing the beauty of diverse body types. The same features that subjected her to ridicule in her younger years are now her superpowers, her unique selling points that capture the world’s attention.

Check out Eunchae’s journey on social media. Her heart-wrenching story of transformation from an insecure girl to a confident woman advocating self-love and acceptance is a beacon of hope for countless individuals grappling with similar struggles.

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