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New SQRL Drive-thru Location: Adding Convenience to Grand Avenue Shopping

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A splash of excitement is brewing in the heart of Hot Springs as a new convenience store prepares to make its mark on the bustling Grand Avenue. Once occupied by Hardee’s at 249 W. Grand Ave, the iconic space is transforming, getting ready to welcome the neighborhood’s newest sensation: an SQRL drive-thru convenience store. Though the exact date of the grand opening is yet to be announced, Tristan Acker, the mastermind behind acquisitions and construction, is optimistic they’ll unveil this convenience haven within the next year.

“It’s a bit of a departure from what we’re used to here in Arkansas. We typically have full-fledged fuel stations, (but) this is going to be more of a convenience store on a drive-thru scale,” Acker reveals. Picture cruising up to the window, placing your order with a friendly face, and having your desired snacks and drinks handed over in a jiffy. It’s the drive-thru experience you never knew you needed, tailored for those who want a quick fix without leaving the comfort of their car.

Known for its vast landscapes and southern charm, Arkansas is about to experience a slice of innovation with this new SQRL establishment. The company, which has been expanding steadily over the last three years, is about to mark its territory in Hot Springs. With 157 stores nationwide already flourishing, this foray into Hot Springs is like a homecoming for SQRL.

“I’m really hoping this store takes off. If it does, who knows, we might just sprinkle a few more around the Hot Springs area,” Acker says. SQRL’s roots run deep in Little Rock, and its growth has been remarkable. However, their home state of Arkansas remains their cherished stomping ground, and they’re excited about expanding through the Hot Springs area.

Nestled in a prime location, this SQRL store might not have fuel pumps, but it boasts the drive-thru feature that sets it apart. Acker explains the thought process behind this unique concept. “Hot Springs is bustling with traffic, and sometimes, people just want to swoop in, snag their goodies, and get back on the road. It’s about adding an extra layer of convenience, a gesture that says ‘We understand you’.’”

As anticipation swells, the Hot Springs community wonders why this hadn’t happened sooner. “You know, we’ve got one of our best stores out there on Highway 70, not far from here,” Acker adds. “It technically sits on Grand Avenue, but it serves its purpose well. This drive-thru concept is kind of a natural progression for us.”

The allure of convenience served with a side of familiarity, has always been hard to resist. The SQRL drive-thru on Grand Avenue embodies this spirit. It’s about embracing the rush of modern life while staying true to those warm Southern vibes. The convenience store experience is evolving, and SQRL is leading the charge.

In a world always on the move, where time seems to slip through our fingers, the promise of a drive-thru convenience store couldn’t have come at a better time. As the construction dust settles, Hot Springs locals are eagerly counting down the days to that magical opening moment. An SQRL drive-thru on Grand Avenue is more than just a convenience store. It’s a symbol of adaptability, a nod to the changing tides of consumer desires, and a testament to the power of innovation.

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