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Monytize Revolutionizes Social Media, Turning It Into a Charitable Platform

In this day and age, people are using social media platforms in numerous aspects of their lives. Among the most common areas where individuals and entities are compelled to use digital tools, and other materials are in their business endeavors and financial endeavors. However, the recently-launched app known as Monytize has expanded the horizons of the social media realm, allowing users to optimize the platforms and give back to the community. 

On a mission to elevate the digital scene, Monytize strives to change how online retailers operate their businesses by capitalizing on the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. According to the app developers, transforming social media users into social media monetizers has been a game-changer that benefits not only the applications users but also those they interact with. Proving to be a trailblazing creation, the Monytize app is hailed as the world’s first-ever philanthropic social media platform. 

With its official global BETA launch on September 1, 2022, Monytize has given individuals from all walks of life a brand new perspective on how social media platforms can be used. Moreover, it has given users like international influencers, celebrities, churches, universities, charities, schools, brands, and professional athletes the opportunity to advance their goals in the most revolutionary way possible. 

Although Monytize is similar to other platforms in that it enables its users to socialize, interact, network, and exchange content such as photos and videos, it still stands out because of its exclusivity and revenue-generating features. This invite-only app pays everyone whenever the content is purchased, allowing users to earn passive income. On top of that, it is donating 20% of its earnings to charities, schools, hospitals, churches, and other worldwide nonprofit organizations.

Statistics would show that entertainment streamers have been spending over $400 billion on music, movies, and video games each year. With its philanthropic approach, Monytize ensures that user generation is generated by transforming this entertainment-spending scheme into a purveyor of worthy and meaningful causes, especially those that are essential to achieving a bigger picture. 

Monytize has partnered with Social Wireless, a company in South Africa that offers free internet services in Johannesburg. Through this collaboration, these two powerhouses are now offering social media, movies, music, and games that can generate passive income for South Africans. Indeed, Monytize has proven to be an that goes the extra mile in redistributing wealth back to the community. 

Standing at the helm of Monytize is Terrell Samuels, a luminary who the Napoleon Hill Foundation recognizes as the executive producer of Millionaire Awaken Your Secret. He is also known in the medical industry as an instrumental part of the marketing efforts to put together a surgery center, medical spa, and cancer treatment center with other medical professionals. 

“It’s so that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to be in their home communities as well as the world,” Terrell said when asked about what motivated him to create Monytize. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, he intends to continue developing Monytize and use it to translate his visions into reality.

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