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Kamal Almasijaf – Creating the Bani Foundation to Promote Global Peace

Kamal Almasijaf
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There must be light when there is darkness. With so much anguish caused by violent conflict, war, and bloodshed today, the world desperately needs peace and harmony. This is a significant problem for spiritual leaders. Religion, as part of the source of the differences and conflicts, has an external shell and a core. Rituals, ceremonies, beliefs, myths, and ideologies are the outer shell covering the inner shell that must be knowledge. Spirituality must bring the fruits of knowledge and wisdom. Having feelings toward God is good, but when only limited to the desire-based imagination, it will not get any closer to God. Religions differ from one faith to the next. Yet all religions have the same core: universal lessons of morality and charity, of a disciplined and pure mind filled with love, compassion, goodwill, and tolerance. The difference comes from the ideas of the founders and the customs of the geographical location and time. But still, they bring differences and sometimes cause harm to other people or beliefs. And yet all of them believe they are going to heaven after life, not the others. In that definition, Bani is not a religion and doesn’t bind people with ceremonies, rituals, and beliefs. Kamal  Almasijaf teaches people that everyone is capable of experiencing light and sound with training and effort. He says if you find your connection to the Inner Master, you don’t need any prophet, sheik, or Master. With all that goes on in life, it becomes a pleasant school of knowing and experiencing. Almasijaf has been teaching thousands of people to be independent and dive into self-realization as the first step to knowing the creation. God will not show Himself to those unwilling to discover their being, motivations, and meaning of their life first. 

Peace is a comprehensive concept in and of itself and is the only spirituality that applies to both man and the universe. Spirituality is the way of research and knowledge of within. It is the master key that unlocks all doors to success fostering an environment conducive to achievement in all endeavors. No beneficial activity, no matter how tiny, is possible without peace. There is significant discussion about bringing peace to the world. When it comes to bringing peace, the ideology of peace is something every sensible person acknowledges, and Kamal Almasijaf is one such person. 

Almasijaf, born to a Kurdish family in Kurdistan, Iran, in 1970, formed the Bani Foundation to restore the world’s long-lost harmony and holy spirituality. The Bani Foundation was founded based on the ideology of Almasijaf, which is to spread eternal peace through education and artistic, spiritual, and cultural training.

Today, the Bani Foundation has spread its wings over Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Nigeria. Since its establishment, the Bani Foundation has endured numerous ups and downs. Yet, because the founders were clear about their goals, they remained devoted and focused on the good. Almasijaf had a clear vision of what he wanted to communicate with the world and was aware of the potential difficulties. The Bani Foundation embodies its founder’s aim of promoting holy light, sound, and spiritual mysticism.

Over the years, the Bani Foundation has been a source of spiritual knowledge to people from every corner of the world. Under the embodied vision of Almasijaf, the foundation has offered a broad knowledge for numerous spiritual seekers, from self-awareness to the vastness of cosmic reality and beyond. The idea that lies behind the global foundation is to nurture the well-being of people and do everything possible in their best interests, including awakening awareness about themselves. 

The NGO’s founder, Kamal Almasijaf, built the foundation on the teachings of ancient masters and soul ambassadors to assist individuals in connecting with their inner Master and realizing their Inner Power. During his life and effort to spread the Bani teachings over the world, Almasijaf has beaten the obstacles.

Almasijaf has been instructed in the teachings of Light and Sound by prominent old masters since he was a boy. When he was 27, he embarked on his journey to spread his Bani teachings throughout Iran. Almasijaf established the Bani Foundation, formerly the Pouya Mahdis Scientific Institute, in October 2002. Nonetheless, he began teaching four years before founding the organization. 

Almasijaf’s vision stood tall despite multiple setbacks along the way. Almasijaf created a concept centered on the Bani Teachings to promote knowledge worldwide. On his journey to spreading peace through the Bani teachings, Almasijaf came across a set of challenges for which he was already prepared. Still, he worked hard and paved his way to where he stands despite getting a tough time from the Government of Iran. The Iranian government outlawed Eck’s teachings, stating they contradicted Islamic values. 

The Iranian government ordered him to three years in jail for apostasy in 2010. After being released by the Iranian government, he continued his activities and was compelled to depart the country once more. He resumed his teachings as a refugee in Kurdistan, Iraq. After the Iranian authorities confiscated all of his assets, he had to pursue his vision in Iraq, starting from scratch. He eventually accepted his principles and began working. Because no good deed goes unrecognized, his former students found him on the internet and began attending his classes online.

In short, Kamal Almasijaf has spent his life educating the world about bringing peace through what he has learned in his life, which was put in jeopardy for his vision.

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