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Jason Shurka is Hosting The Event of The Year

Jason Shurka is Hosting The Event of The Year
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Have you ever felt as if the world is speeding past you, unveiling innovations while you wonder what you are capable of doing? Are you struggling to find your footing and understand why, exactly, you are here? From March 8-10, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, Jason Shurka will help you to find your answers at The Transformation, an immersive 3-day experience that will lead you to the truth of who you are and your purpose. Get ready to leave limiting beliefs behind and embrace the unique potential of your life.

Jason is the founder of UNIFYD World, an organization that is unifying humanity beyond differences through the medium of conscious media, censorship-free social media, and powerful life-enhancing technologies. His work to create heaven and peace on Earth includes UNIFYD TV, a video streaming platform that unifies humanity and spreads the truth worldwide through the medium of conscious media; UNIFYD Healing, which works to provide affordable access to the Energy Enhancement System in over 300 wellness centers around the world; and UNIFYD Social, a censorship-free, ad-free social media platform completely supported by the UNIFYD World organization. 

At The Transformation, Jason will reveal to attendees the tools and lessons he learned during one of the most difficult periods of his life. For many years, he was consumed by darkness and riddled with self-doubt about his own purpose. However, between 2011-2015, the physical traumas that he endured set him on a new, enlightened path. 

“I suffered through 23 shoulder dislocations and three surgeries, and on top of that, I nearly lost my left leg and my life when I contracted a staph infection,” Jason remembers. “To say that it was a challenging time is an understatement.”

While recovering in the hospital and at home, Jason struggled to overcome self-pity and to find the answer to an age-old question: why me? What it came down to, he explains, was what the universe was trying to tell him. 

“Every adversity I was facing was meant to make me stronger. If I changed my perspective, I could rid myself of the darkness within me and live my life in the light,” Jason says. “I had the power to transform myself and create the future that I really wanted for myself. I just had to be willing to think differently and embrace a new mentality.”

At The Transformation, Jason will help attendees make a similar shift in awareness, leading them to breakthroughs that will reveal the truth of who they are, what their purpose is, and how to step into it. The first day, which focuses on connections, is designed to help everyone to get to know their new soul family and establish lasting friendships in a very unique way.

“It will be a time of authentic community as we all get to know each other over a nourishing dinner,” says Jason. “I will also give a preview of how powerful the seminar will be and how it will liberate everyone from the prison they have created for themselves through limiting beliefs.”

On the second day, Jason will take attendees deep into their personal transformations. In the morning sessions, he will guide each person to understand their reality and to map their mind’s program, face their triggers, and identify their limiting beliefs. After lunch, Jason will speak on the barriers to obtaining true freedom and direct techniques and methods for overcoming them. 

On the final day of The Transformation, each attendee will break free of their old mentality. Jason will teach how to tap into the art of alchemy, turn darkness into light, and become the conscious director of your life.

“I focus on action steps and direct formulas that can be applied to your daily life,” he states. “It’s all about helping you to truly break into a liberated, transformed life and to have the tools to attract abundance in every way, even those you once thought were impossible.” 

Each attendee of The Transformation will receive: 

  • 1 seat at The Transformation seminar
  • Lifetime access to all recordings of the event
  • High quality, nourishing meals and water
  • A 5-year membership to UNIFYD TV
  • EE-system transmission throughout the entire event
  • A signed copy of Jason’s newest and not yet released book, Accessing Awareness
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

“While you deserve to have an abundant life and you have a specific, incredible purpose, here is the real question for you: are you ready to claim it?” Jason asks. “All it takes is the decision to make a productive, expansive shift in perspective, and an entirely new life will open up for you, one full of amazing opportunities.”

To reserve your seat at this life changing event, please visit:

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