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Don Nova Dominates the New York Music Scene With His Unparalleled DJ Skills

Don Noble, better known as DJ Don Nova, was born and raised in Southside Jamaica, a residential neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City where numerous celebrated artists like 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj originated from. Raised by a single mother who had an innate love for music, DJ Don Nova found himself learning the craft, which eventually led him to be a DJ at just fourteen years old after his mother purchased his first set of Gemini Direct-Drive Turntables. The then-teenage musician also dabbled in other recreations such as basketball during that time.

DJ Don Nova grew up witnessing some of the nation’s greatest DJs in his youth, including DJ Stretch Armstrong and DJ Clark Kent, inspiring him to get better at his craft. From that point on, the aspiring disc jockey advanced his love for music and started to hone his skills to perfect the craft. Don Nova started quite humbly, playing at parties and clubs around Queens. 

The talented musician shares that he does not cater to a specific genre; instead, he is pretty well-versed in different types of music, including hip-hop, R&B, jazz, EDM, and reggae. But despite his musical success, Don Nova admits that he never really knew how to get to where he is now, but he always had big dreams and a strong belief in God and was confident that he was going to be successful.

“I always wanted to be in the media. So people naturally gravitate towards my positive energy,” the DJ says.

Along the way, Don Nova was able to launch an underground reggae party circuit and worked his way up to parties and promotions where the thriving New Yorker continued to catapult his name to triumph by collaborating with other well-known personalities in the music scene like DJ Skillz da Spinna and turning up in locations nationwide. In addition to his impressive list of achievements, Don Nova is also quite the host, tackling numerous controversial pieces in mixed shows and podcasts.

Of the many accomplishments he’s had, Don Nova notes various momentous events that he’s always going to be proud of, including being a father and watching his children blossom into intelligent little people, becoming a highly sought-after DJ for various events, and so much more.

Despite the looming threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Don Nova continues to thrive under the constant pressure of making it through. 

“The pandemic has made my hustle stronger. It forced me to run my business and increase my profile online digitally,” Don Nova explains. True enough, after he started running his streams online, the budding entertainer has skyrocketed from 17k followers on Instagram to a whopping 30k. He then started to DJ online while talking to different people from all over the world, eventually building a huge fan base outside of New York. “The pandemic helped me to focus and leverage the power of social networking,” he continues.

Currently, Don Nova is working on a new electronic album to showcase his raw talent as a creative and a disc jockey, further expanding his portfolio. In five years, the DJ sees himself becoming a global fashion icon, musician, and someone who could get into high-profile events through his philanthropic work.

Moreover, Don Nova wants to show every kid from all walks of life that they too can achieve their dreams through hard work, resilience, and a whole lot of prayer. 

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