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YouTube Channel Like Nastya Crosses 100 million Subscribers and Reinforces the Need for Family-oriented Content

Valuable content always wins. That is the story of the sensational YouTube channel, Like Nastya, which recently hit the 100 million-subscriber milestone and even surpassed it. This achievement has made Like Nastya one of the most subscribed and followed YouTube channels in the family and kids niche and placed it in the top five of the most viewed YouTube channels globally.

Like Nastya was launched in 2016 as a kiddies’ content channel. It documented Nastya’s life, activities, trips to amusement parks in different parts of the world, toy unboxing, and more. Over the years, the channel has shifted its content from solely children to other important social and educational topics that are delivered to viewers in playful ways. Today, Like Nastya offers content for parents and children addressing topics like bullying, making friends and relationships between parents and their children. The channel has become a resource center for families to gain support and learn new things to foster fun, love and unity.

The channel’s videos now feature the entire family, including eight-year-old Nastya and her parents, Yuri and Anna Radzinsky. “We keep the energy high daily without leaving room for burnout or tiredness. We know how far these videos go, and we owe our audience a sense of duty to keep them engaged with what we have built over the years. Being a creator and an influencer is a huge responsibility, and we strive to keep it all up with our consistent content,” Yuri Radzinsky said.

Beyond just creating content, the family also ensures it delivers useful content that passes across new knowledge and information to the viewers. Many of the videos on the channel have received inputs and advice from psychologists specialized in child psychology to ensure the content is meaningful, purposeful and valuable. “Even though the channel began with Nastya as the main character, we knew we had to evolve somehow to capture a wider audience,” the team shared. “We have had to follow the trends to reach 100 million subscribers because it is important to understand what barriers children have today and address them. We are also listening carefully to Nastya’s suggestions for videos: she perfectly understands what is relevant for her age. Regular content uploads and a strong team are also important for success.” 

The growth of Like Nastya’s YouTube channel has brought on a ripple effect for its other social media accounts, as its Instagram account also hit 500,000 followers this year. Like Natya has become a brand with the Miami-based family working around the clock to brainstorm new content ideas, and shoot, edit and upload videos. Currently, the channel puts up new videos three times per week, and the family has hired an entire team of staff, including screenwriters, producers, montage, trendwatchers and motion design editors, to handle the demand for content production. More than 50 people from different continents work together to bring the dream to life, and the results of all those efforts are evident in the ongoing massive growth.

 Like Natya has created a massive empire that includes a YouTube channel, significant social media following, mobile applications, events, and partnerships with global brands like Nickelodeon, Mattel and Spin Master. Children and their parents worldwide watch Like Natya, and the possibilities of growth remain endless as more countries are joining the viewership.

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