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Why Rapid-Rising DJ Geez Deserves the Title ‘The Club King’

Music has the power to unite people, and where better to prove that than in a club. When it comes to club music, DJ Geez is the king, and he can set the tone in any room with his unmatched talent in mixing music. 

DJ Geez was born on March 17, 1989, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The DJ was born Glenn Hershal Simmons Jr, but he is better known for his moniker today. He began fostering his passion and talent for deejaying when he was merely 12 years old. At first, the artist wanted to perform to entertain family and friends during cookouts and parties, but eventually, he knew deep down that his talent was worthy of far bigger stages. And so, the artist persevered to get his name out in the industry until he reached some of the biggest kickstarter for his career. 

The artist had the opportunity to perform for state property Peedi Crakk and hall of fame icon Shaquille O’Neal on his radio station Shaq-fu Radio. As he continued to explore his hometown, DJ Geez gained gigs for music festivals and major concerts. Besides deejaying, the artist is also an expert on the drums, piano, and auto-saxophone, which he played for his church. Having such diverse musical talents, DJ Geez admits that it was easier for him to penetrate the music industry, but that doesn’t mean he put in half the hard work as everyone else did. 

DJ Geez has always lived with music, thanks to his church, which grounded him to maximize his talents for worship. As he grew older, explored many other places of the world, and met new people, he began experimenting with other instruments. Since then, DJ Geez has been cementing his name in the music industry however he can.

In addition, DJ Geez can follow and rap to the beats of “Whine It Up” and “Right Now.” But on top of his music, what really captured the audience’s attention was his unique personality. The artist has a way of warming people up, and his positive attitude is infectious, which explains how he gained the title “The Club King” in Philadelphia, because he captivates people like no other. Having such a track record, critics often refer to DJ Geez as the most underground DJ of 2021.

With all he has accomplished, it’s safe to say that DJ Geez is one of the fastest-rising artists of his generation. He is known for his amazing ability to spin ’90s hip-hop and R&B into one harmonic, synchronized sound. The artist also puts his own twist to everything he lays his hands on, including dance, electronic, classic soul, and contemporary hip-hop. Needless to say, whatever the club king plays in his kingdom, he can sweep the audience off their feet with his unparalleled mixes. 

Still, even after gaining fame and attention in the music industry, DJ Geez remained humble and grounded to the reason he started his journey in the first place. He is in it for the long haul to make impactful music, not for the money or the fame. DJ Geez stays true to his talent and never fails to look back to where he came from, all while simultaneously moving forward to greener pastures.

Through every mix he plays to his listeners, DJ Geez imparts the live-in-the-moment ideology he has lived with all his life. Wherever he is playing his mixes, the artist aims to make a lasting difference.

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