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The Power of Clean Spaces: Reducing Flu Spread in Homes and Workplaces

The Power of Clean Spaces: Reducing Flu Spread in Homes and Workplaces
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The Covid-19 pandemic, with its shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders, taught everyone about the importance of washing hands as well as cleaning homes and workspaces. However, with the catastrophic virus downgraded to a lesser status these days, many people and businesses are falling into old, unhealthy habits. That’s not good, with cold, flu, and Covid season upon us again.

With a lifetime of experience in cleaning and janitorial services, Tommy Silva knows how to prepare your home or business to keep illness to a minimum. After all, no one can afford to lose work time or employee efficiency to a virus making its rounds. Tommy says the first step is awareness.

Silva explains that avoiding flu and other viruses is more than simply washing your hands, although that is a vitally important step. But you have to be careful not to touch your mouth, eyes, or nose after touching a door knob or handrail or counter in a business. Germs travel from hard surfaces to our hands to the mucous membranes on our faces, where they can infect us.

At home, pay more attention to cleaning light switches, door knobs, countertops, and bathrooms. In business environments, managers also must include lunch rooms, desks, handrails, floors, work areas, and other surfaces often touched by employees or customers. Use disinfecting cleaning supplies, and be sure to read labels for health and safety instructions.

Of course, this level of cleanliness is often difficult in many businesses due to the large volume of surfaces and objects that need regular disinfecting. There’s also the added potential liability of using cleaning products in unsafe situations or manners. In addition, if your home or business suffers a Covid-19 outbreak, you may need professional assistance to slow the contagion.

Many businesses will choose to outsource these health tasks to someone who knows exactly what products to use and which to avoid, how often to clean, and exactly which surfaces are best cleaned with which products. Tommy Silva explains that when Covid and other viruses overwhelm your workplace, you may need state-of-the-art techniques and products to mitigate the spread of disease. You also need certified experts to perform commercial fogging services and post-COVID-19 cleanup work and a company that adheres to CDC guidelines and is EPA registered.

For more than 35 years, Silva Building Specialists has provided the Houston area with very high-quality commercial cleaning services. Tommy Silva, the president, says the company provides regular as well as emergency cleaning work, along with sanitation and disinfecting services with the technology and skilled professionals for serious tasks.

When a business has an urgent viral outbreak, Silva can prioritize interventions to reduce the risks. Silva employees wear OSHA-regulated suits, masks, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid transmitting infections. These are sometimes the methods and tools needed to stop the spread of the Covid virus, which could be costly and even shut down a company.

Even though your workers or family don’t need to wear PPE, there are situations where gloves and masks can be useful in curbing virus contagion. If you’re at home treating an isolated family member ill with Covid, it’s best to wear a well-fitted N-95 or a disposable KN-95 or

surgical mask to avoid spreading the germs to other family members. Wash your hands frequently. Ask your doctor about medication to lower the severity of the disease.

Over the years, Tommy Silva says, Silva Building Specialists has cleaned a staggering 10 million square feet in the greater Houston area, leaving an indelible mark on iconic locations like high-rise buildings, hospitals, libraries, museums, and sports stadiums for businesses from government to nonprofit to private.

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