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The Keranjang Bali: Where Traditional Bali Meets Modern Shopping in a Basket-Shaped Wonder

The Keranjang Bali: Where Traditional Bali Meets Modern Shopping in a Basket-Shaped Wonder
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Bali, a captivating tourist destination, is home to numerous intriguing sites. However, amidst all the attractions, there stands a distinctive building that has sparked countless discussions – The Basket Bali. Strategically located just minutes away from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, this structure offers a shopping experience like no other.

Introducing The Basket Bali, founded in 2019, it is renowned for its remarkable resemblance to a colossal basket. The Keranjang Bali is not just a concept store but an immersive encounter with unique Balinese products, making it truly exceptional.

What awaits inside The Basket Bali is a departure from traditional souvenir shops. Here, visitors are invited to partake in exciting tourist activities amidst various Bali-themed settings.

As a souvenir center with an experiential concept, The Keranjang Bali spans four floors, each divided into distinct areas with interactive features. Upon entering, visitors are presented with two route options. The experience store route leads to the fourth floor, where a plethora of Balinese thematic experiences await. From the Gelang Tridatu Experience to the enchanting beaches of Jimbaran and Lovina, and even the captivating Monkey Forest and Kintamani, visitors can immerse themselves in the culture while savoring Balinese coffee and taking in the breathtaking view of artificial rice terraces. To add to the uniqueness, guests may even be accompanied by friendly civet animals.

Exploration continues on the third floor, where a fashion area awaits, showcasing a collection of trendy Balinese clothing. Among the standout products at The Keranjang Bali are the Solar Active T-shirts, which change color when exposed to sunlight, and the Glow In The Dark T-shirts adorned with Balinese motifs that illuminate in the darkness. Additionally, there are miniature Compressed T-shirts that expand when submerged in water, collaborations with local artists, and a selection of other popular Balinese items, such as the iconic barong shirt.

Descending to the second floor, visitors will discover a section dedicated to souvenirs, beachwear, Balinese sandals, accessories, and captivating paintings. Finally, on the first floor, a food area awaits, offering a wide array of delectable Balinese culinary delights, including the best milk pies, banana cake, disco nuts, and contemporary snacks.

The Keranjang Bali ensures that shopping for typical Balinese products is an engaging and enjoyable experience. Each floor is thoughtfully designed to provide an interesting and educational glimpse into Balinese culture. Moreover, visitors can partake in exciting activities such as pottery painting, renting traditional Balinese attire and contemporary tattoos, and witnessing the color transformations of Solar Active T-shirts under UV light. The Glow In The Dark (GITD) T-shirt area creates a captivating ambiance with its collection of luminous garments. Additionally, guests can even customize their names on a surfboard.

Before or after indulging in the shopping extravaganza, visitors are encouraged to capture memorable photos in front of this iconic basket-shaped building.

Fascinating details surround The Keranjang Bali building. Standing at an impressive height of 15.4 meters and spanning 58 meters in width, the structure’s facade is adorned with intricate Karang Boma ornaments, each symbolizing a significant aspect of Balinese culture.

Conveniently located in the heart of Kuta, The Keranjang Bali is the ultimate shopping destination for tourists visiting Bali. With easy access from Jalan Raya Bypass Ngurah Rai and Jalan Raya Kuta, there is no need to worry about missing a flight while purchasing Balinese souvenirs. The Keranjang Bali is a mere five-minute drive from Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

In conclusion, The Keranjang Bali is not just an ordinary souvenir shop but a remarkable tourism destination that offers a truly unique and immersive experience for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this giant basket building with your family, friends, or loved ones.


Published By: Aize Perez

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