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The Elliot Group Showing Sales People the Path to Success in the Automotive Industry

One of the ways to give back to the world after finding success in any niche or industry is to help as many others as possible achieve success too. Ian Macklin and Evan Macklin got this philosophy early enough and built The Elliott Group, one of the biggest automotive sales training companies in the world today.

As salespeople who got help from one of the greatest car salespeople of all time, Andy Elliott, Ian and Evan have proven their mettle in the automotive sales industry and etched their names in gold through their achievements, skillsets, and strategies. The brothers worked for Nissan and held the top spot of the best salespeople in the Rocky Mountains for eight years and seven months. Their unique branding and marketing strategies made them stand out and kept their brand in the spotlight.

As high achievers in the automotive sales industry, they established The Elliot Group, now a top destination for aspiring car salespeople looking to succeed. Ian and Evan coach and train sales professionals to follow the strategies that worked for them to ensure they succeed in the highly competitive industry.

Since its inception, The Elliott Group has grown into the world’s biggest automotive sales training company. “We have the most proven results in the automotive industry. We take companies from lower levels of productivity to the highest level of productivity in history by building elite sales teams. Our multimillion-dollar tool enables sales professionals and dealers to be accountable and laser-focused on delivering their set goals,” Ian explained.

The Elliott Group is a big proponent of human capital, which is why it focuses on building sales teams and ensuring auto groups and dealerships have the best sales team working with them. “We have done this for over ten years for ourselves, so everything we sell and offer has been tested and proven,” Ian Macklin said.

The journey toward establishing The Elliott Group has been a lifelong journey. Ian and Evan always wanted to become successful salespeople and help other people succeed in the same field after that. Ian said: “I wanted not just to be another salesperson or a business owner. The goal was always to dominate and become the authority with the biggest name. Evan had the same goal, and together we worked to achieve our goals. Now, we are the trainers everyone looks to for help, and we have the chance to make a difference in the industry. Growing from being a salesperson and completely dominating to being an entrepreneur and dominating is huge, and we’re glad to have created something notable.”

With The Elliott Group, Ian and Evan Macklin have proven that anybody can be in the top 1% of whatever they do regardless of where they come from. The brothers take pride in being underdogs that had nothing but worked hard to achieve all they have. “We had no rich parents, no favors, no handouts, nothing. Just straight hustle, blood, sweat and tears when we were given the most important thing, which was an opportunity in a tremendous industry responsible for making the most millionaires in the world. I want people to know that they can have whatever they want as long as they have the skill to do so, and no one provides the skill like we do,” the brothers said.

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