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PaddleSmash: It’s the Perfect Post-Pandemic Backyard Game

The past two years have seen billions of people cooped up within the confines of their homes. Prevented from engaging in outdoor and social activities by a slew of regulations and protocols, they had to make do with what the four walls of their houses could offer. Now that the world has gone back to normal – or has adapted to a new one – it is not surprising why so many have rushed to the nearest concerts or bought a ticket to see a basketball game. However, despite the itch to hit the next gathering, many are still wary of crowds. All too aware of the demand for entertainment and games that allow individuals and families to have fun and bond together in this post-pandemic period, Scott Brown and Tim Swindle have teamed up to launch PaddleSmash. An outdoor backyard game, this exciting must-have is currently in the spotlight. 

Proving that today’s entrepreneurs can hop on board the same boat and navigate the competitive waters of the business world together, Scott Brown and Tim Swindle met through a Kickstarter campaign for a party board game that Tim was hoping to launch. From there, the two serial entrepreneurs began making strategic moves in the toys and game space in tandem and eventually, they will stand at the helm of the founding of PaddleSmash. 

A new outdoor game that marries the best elements of pickleball and spikeball, PaddleSmash was a desire turned into reality by Joe Bingham. The structural engineer has been racking his brains thinking of ways to keep his seven kids entertained, so when his family took a liking to pickleball, he started to tinker around with ideas for them to play at home.

“Building a court in the backyard was not feasible, and driving twenty minutes to the crowded pickleball courts was annoying,” shared Joe Bingham.

Thanks to the relentless drive of a father, PaddleSmash was born and soon piqued the interest of Tim Swindle and Scott Brown. After playtesting the concept with family and friends, they didn’t waste any time, moving the pieces along to create a version that is durable, portable, and ready for the masses. 

PaddleSmash is currently waiting for its patent and is serving as the perfect outdoor game for families and groups. “You have a central court and a net system around it, and you’re working with a teammate to bump, set, and smash the ball back into the court,” explained Tim Swindle and Scott Brown. “Once you do this successfully, it’s the other team’s turn to use up to three hits to bump, set, and smash it back into the court, as well.”

Every purchase of a PaddleSmash comes along with a portable hexagonal court, a net, six poles, four paddles, and two balls. Not only is it less strenuous than pickleball, but it is also ideal for those who want fun away from the crowds of traditional outdoor games. Considering these perks, it is expected that the game will grow more popular, especially with the coming holiday season.

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