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One app at a time: Dinah Redhouse Is Transforming the World

Every element of our life has changed because of mobile apps. They have, among other things, redefined banking, shopping, and travel. You can now order food on your smartphone and have it delivered to your door in a short amount of time thanks to mobile meal ordering and delivery apps. Additionally, mobile banking apps make it easier for you to monitor your finances. But it is impossible to talk about mobile applications and their global impact without mentioning Dinah Redhouse.

Dinah Redhouse is a mobile app developer and tech expert. She created several apps, including rideshare apps that are competing with cultural shifting platforms like Uber, business workflow apps, and fitness apps. Dinah is also the CEO of Digital Prodigee, a company helping businesses bring their ideas to life.

Digital Prodigee helps entrepreneurs and organizations build powerful apps that align with their goals and fulfill current market needs. They work directly with the client assisting them in taking their app from an idea to reality. The company has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small local businesses. 

Digital Prodigee has so far built 100+ apps in various niches. They built educational apps, event and planning apps, eCommerce apps, religious organization apps, influencer marketing apps, and many more. Some of their upcoming projects include the Just Her Ride Share mobile app, Bite Swipe, Buddi App, Smart Credit, and BeUniverse by Luisa Molano. BeUniverse is an app that provides users with practical tools and practices to live a life that feels and looks great. The app is slated to launch soon.

Dinah’s vast experience and distinct approach to tech set her apart. She has a background in marketing, finance, and tech. Dinah scaled her company from $0 to 7-figures in just 7 months, creating a high-power hybrid agency. She combines this to create life-changing apps making life easier and help clients achieve their goals.

Dinah’s main aim is to create apps that positively disrupt society. She combines the latest technology to develop apps that provide a solution and improve lives. Dinah worked on apps to help recover missing children, provide resources for the homeless, and apps that will create a safer environment for women driving home alone.

As a woman in the tech space, Dinah Redhouse also uses this opportunity to inspire and empower other women. She shows women and young girls that it is possible to cement your spot in a male-dominated industry. “You don’t have to let what society thinks stop you from following your dreams,” Dinah says.

Her advice to women and other young entrepreneurs is to believe in their ideas. She explains that many people have brilliant and innovative ideas but are scared to take the first step due to the fear of failure. You feel like your ideas are worthless and won’t amount to anything, but you will never know the outcome unless you take the first step. 

Taking action on your ideas opens the door for more opportunities and improvement. She also stresses the need to give yourself time and understand that success is a journey. Also, don’t think that hard work is a measure of success; although it’s commendable, the easier answer is within your mind already,” Dinah concludes.

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