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Meet Nola Adetola: The Real Estate Maverick Disrupting the Traditional Business Model in Africa

Nola Adetola
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Navigating the fiercely competitive real estate landscape in Africa, particularly in Nigeria—a country that has drawn the lion’s share of investment for the past 20 years due to its 200 million-strong population and insatiable demand for housing and investment prospects—poses a formidable challenge. Nevertheless, Veritasi Homes & Properties has managed to carve out a prestigious niche as a unicorn in Africa’s real estate sector, demonstrating unwavering dedication to quality. Its accomplishments have garnered a Scope B stable international rating and a local rating of BBB+, testament to the company’s financial robustness, stability, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service.

Veritasi Homes and Properties is making waves in the Nigerian and African property market, thanks to its customer-centric approach, expert development services, and loyal realtor network. The real estate company, which was established in 2017, has developed over 14 top-notch gated estates across Nigeria and Africa, becoming a beacon of excellence and providing world-class, innovative, and functional homes that meet the needs of its core target customers.

What sets Veritasi apart from the competition is its CEO, Rilwan Adetola Nola. With a track record of over a decade, Nola has been instrumental in propelling growth, optimizing operational efficiency, and achieving results for various organizations spanning diverse industries. Nola’s impressive educational background comprises a Real Estate Design, Finance, and Management degree from the esteemed Harvard Business School, a Project and Infrastructure Finance degree from the renowned London Business School, and a master’s in business administration from the prestigious Metropolitan School of Business & Management. Nola’s qualifications and experience position him as a formidable player in the industry and a valuable asset to Veritasi’s operations.

Nola is a remarkable real estate expert, possessing exceptional business advisory skills honed through a diverse range of experiences as an entrepreneur. He has an unwavering passion for nurturing and empowering start-up founders, exemplifying his commitment to building a thriving start-up ecosystem. Nola’s remarkable achievements have earned him recognition as a 30 under 30 founder by the prestigious Forbes Magazine, and a youth ambassador with ECOWAS, further underscoring his impressive contributions to the real estate industry.

Under Nola’s leadership, Veritasi Homes and Properties has become the leading real estate firm in Nigeria and Africa, disrupting the industry with its exceptional track record, loyal realtor network, and customer-centric approach.  Nola is currently leading a team working on a commercial real estate tokenization technology project in the United States. The aim is to develop innovative solutions that will leverage blockchain technology to enhance the real estate industry. Aside from this project, Nola is also building the biggest digital bank in Africa, which is set to solve payment issues across the continent’s countries.

Veritasi Homes’ competitive edge is the company’s partnership with Nigeria’s foremost real estate research company, NorthCourt, to help clients make better real estate investment decisions. Veritasi Homes has also been able to maintain a precarious balance between providing high-end property while maintaining affordability for its target customers.

Veritasi’s realtor retention strategy is second to none, with the company partnering with Africa’s top business school, Lagos Business School, to deliver real estate-specific courses to high-performing realtors to improve human capital and upskill the realtors. This incentivizes them to prioritize Veritasi projects during their numerous sales calls.

Despite environmental challenges, Naira devaluation, and economic situations, Veritasi is well-positioned to mitigate these risks, with a procurement system that is skewed to naira transactions. The company creates payment plans and options that make it possible to keep the precarious balance between providing high-end property while maintaining affordability for its target customers.

With a housing deficit of at least 28 million units in Nigeria, Veritasi Homes and Properties is poised to meet this demand and provide affordable, top-quality homes to Nigerians and Africans across the continent. The company’s successful registration of its N30.00 Billion CP Programme on FMDQ in 2022 and recent BBB rating on Data Pro in 2021 are testament to its financial stability and growth.

Investing in Veritasi Homes and Properties means investing in a world-class real estate firm led by a dynamic and innovative CEO, committed to ensuring the financial performance and growth of the company. Veritasi is the go-to real estate firm in Nigeria and Africa, and we invite international investors to join us in our success story

Veritasi Homes is addressing Nigeria’s severe housing deficit by converting large tracts of land into gated schemes (estates), which are divided into plots of land and developed into units for residential and commercial development. The company’s focus on carefully selected locations and expert development services, backed by research and experience, ensures that they meet their core target customers’ residential and investment requirements.

In conclusion, Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited has demonstrated that it is a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian real estate market. With its powerful CEO, loyal realtor network, and customer-centric approach, the company is set to revolutionize the industry and expand across Africa.

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