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MC Luna Trine Shares His Inspiring Journey From Photography to the Music Industry

There is no clear path to success, and many thriving individuals at the peak of their fields admit that there are stumbles along the way. But perseverance and staying true to oneself is the key to long-lasting success. As one who understands this, highly talented photographer and musician MC Luna Trine stands at the top of the creative industry and now aims to dominate the music scene with his soulful voice and captivating lyrics. 

Hailing from the dynamic and diverse city of New York, MC Luna Trine has always been a creative individual, drawing and painting as a child all through high school. His early exposure to art sharpened his artistic skills, and when he went to college, the creative delved into photography and videography, which eventually became his career path. He then took several jobs as a photographer for models around New York City, landing him many opportunities that involved major events, such as fashion shows. His access to these events also allowed him to meet with music artists who introduced him to the industry and exposed him to the glamour of the entertainment world. 

Over the years, MC Luna Trine has thrived behind the camera lens, combining his innate skills and creativity to bring art to life. However, he also realized that he enjoys being in front of the camera and creating his own work. Thus, with a newfound love for music, the go-getter went to a music studio and created his first song, “Aura For Me,” which was about connecting with another person based on their aura and energy. Awed by the creative process and the success of his first release, he was encouraged to create his second single, “Come With Me To The Moon.”

With his music taking off, and while being constantly on the road heading to various destinations for performances, MC Luna has found his love for traveling and travel vlogging. He now aims to explore the world and create music inspired by his travel adventure. Undoubtedly, MC Luna Trine has an unrivaled passion for his craft as he lends his creative voice through many art forms. 

When asked about the motivation behind his brilliant work ethic, the visionary said, “What motivates me to build my brand is my passion for creating. I have always enjoyed listening to music and have always loved creating. So for me, I love to watch or listen to my own music and videos. I also enjoy connecting with other creative people, so my making music and vlogs help me connect with other people, create with them, and share experiences that we could remember.”

In addition to passion, MC Luna Trine shares that his authenticity has enabled him to climb the summits of success. “I understand that building with anyone willing to build with you is more important than how well-known a person is. Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity help me become open to working with other people from all walks of life,” shared the artist.

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