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Leading Behavior Expert Chase Hughes Just Released a Playbook to Read Anyone

Wall Street’s secret weapon is…mind control?

After a 20-year career in the US Military, Chase Hughes is now bringing his dangerous skills in human psychology to bear in some unusual places. 

Chase is an expert in human behavior and has made a name for himself as what some call a ‘mind control expert.’

His interest in human behavior started when he was a teenager. Chase had social anxiety and barely made it out of high school when he stumbled on the subject. He became obsessed with human behavior and figured out how to read people. It got to a point where he could see much deeper into people’s hidden selves than he ever thought was possible.

Chase perfected his practice in human behavior during his service and developed world-first behavior skills and tactics for intelligence operations. Chase initially wanted to improve interrogation techniques, but he realized that these persuasion skills could be weaponized. Chase trained elite Psychological Operations units and was cautioned against allowing public access to his material, but he revealed it last week.

In his groundbreaking new book, Six-Minute X-Ray: rapid behavior profiling, Chase exposes the intricate system he built for intelligence officers to read someone at a very scary level—in less than six minutes. 

No one has ever seen a system even remotely capable of doing the things Chase spent his lifetime sharpening: seeing secret fears and insecurities, concealed disagreement, and even the words someone needs to hear. Chase built real-world x-ray glasses, but instead of seeing through clothes; you’ll see into the deepest corners of a person’s mind that not even their friends can. 

In reading the new book, you’ll see in no time why he’s the only trial consultant in America to offer a 300% money-back guarantee. 

Six-minute X-ray is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery to see all the way through anyone you meet in a way that builds empathy instead of superiority. Chase is truly a master in our time, and has shared a tool that will no doubt change the lives of those that discover this new book. 

The book is now released on Amazon.

To learn more about Chase Hughes, visit the website.

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