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Jeremy Haynes Helps to Entrepreneurs Hit by Pandemic With Free Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is still relatively new to the industry that business owners, even the seasoned ones, seek the support and mentorship of experts on the matter. Jeremy Haynes, a world-renowned digital marketer, is at the forefront of the modern movement, proving himself worthy of being among the top 1% of the industry.

As the founder of Megalodon Marketing, Jeremy Haynes is best recognized for serving a crucial role in helping entrepreneurs scale their brands into seven-figure businesses. He has worked with industry leaders and entrepreneurs that shaped today’s economy, including Dan Lock, Ryan Serhant, Garrett J. White, and Anik Singal. Throughout the course of his career, Jeremy has pivoted personality brands toward their maximum potential and helped them transform thousands into millions in digital marketing investments.

Jeremy Haynes’ personal brand is also thriving even amid the trying times. Recently, the digital marketing expert launched Personal Brand University, dubbed as the “Harvard of personal brand courses.” In addition, Jeremy Haynes has also invested and paid his success forward by giving free courses to business owners who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The expert has provided over 800 free courses, worth over $1,200,000, over the last couple of months.

The courses aimed to enlighten entrepreneurs on how to start and scale a marketing agency. Both courses, the Digital Marketing Manuscript (DMM) and the Digital Skill Pack (DSP), have served many individuals and entrepreneurs who have lost their income source after the debilitating economic effects of the pandemic. 

Furthermore, Jeremy Haynes is also an expert in helping e-commerce stores find their niche and sell high-ticket products with ease to their target consumers. Through Jermey’s High Ticket Agency, entrepreneurs get equipped with starter and accelerator strategies created to captivate modern consumers. The tactics and blueprints presented in the agency propel business owners toward their goals. 

His proven and efficient strategies have been vital to the success of over 3,500 students who have enrolled in his courses. In accumulation, his clients have generated over $83,000,000 in revenue after learning from his programs. Jeremy Haynes’ seven-week class called Master Internet Marketing, for instance, has boosted entrepreneurs’ confidence and trained them under a proven process to harness online marketing skills. It is acclaimed among business owners who want to improve themselves on the subject, as well as to develop their staff.

Jeremy Haynes began building his personal brand five years ago after leaving his job for Grant Cardone, a sales training mogul. With the knowledge he acquired from his career, Jeremy became driven to create a massive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe. Among his various avenues to carry out his mission was addressing aspiring entrepreneurs through three different Tai Lopez Programs.

Jeremy Haynes is also known for his one-on-one mentorship program, where he personally develops and tailors strategies and campaigns. The expert understands that business owners have their own unique struggles, and each one deserves a personalized solution. For many of his clients, Jeremy is not just a coach but a partner that aims for their best interests.

To learn more about Jeremy Haynes, visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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