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How NFL player Justin Bethel has been handling Family Life, Football Career, and co-founding Kandiid

People are more than their talents, skills, and material wealth. What makes humans incredibly powerful is their ability to rise on top of any adversity that comes their way. Above anything else, resilience is the true hallmark of greatness. In the case of special team specialist Justin Bethel, who is also a NFL veteran defensive back, it is shown how a single person’s dedication can change the entire trajectory of his life. 

Immensely fueled by the desire to provide for his family, Justin Bethel was able to discover his gift and claim it with full confidence. While some NFL players find the path to the league as an effortless reward through affiliation, location, or even sheer ability, the go-getter found his through diligent efforts, grit, and determination. With his story, he serves as a source of inspiration to thousands of aspiring athletes and dreamers across the nation. 

Although he is now at the helm of a highly successful athletic career, Justin Bethel still takes pride in his humble beginnings that took place in Columbia, South Carolina, under the lights of Blythewood High School. The athlete discovered his gift in football early in his life. By 2006, he was already a driving force that helped Blythewood secure a win in the State Championship as a star on the team’s defense. 

Despite being the recipient of many awards, Justin Bethel still fell short of the attention and accolades that other athletes in major high school programs were receiving. With no substantial offers, he had his mind made up that he would enroll at the University of South Carolina in hopes of making the team as a walk-on. However, he received a phone call from his former high school coach, Jeff Scott, who had recently taken a job at Presbyterian College and was looking for a cornerback. After a brief campus visit, he jumped at the opportunity and was presented with a full scholarship.

At Presbyterian College, Justin Bethel found himself excelling in the field once again. Years down the road, the athlete emerged as a defensive standout and was invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game, where he caught the attention of NFL scouts. After a viral video showcasing his amazing vertical ability, he was invited to the NFL combine and stunned everyone with his solid performance. As a result, his stock rose, and he was projected as the seventh-best free safety prospect, which by professionals should land him in the sixth or seventh round in the draft. It was at this milestone that Justin secured an agent, and the journey was taking shape.

Fast forward to today, the 3x Pro Bowler is newly-married and a proud father of a beautiful daughter. His family is the heart and soul of his very existence. As a man of faith, the athlete dabbled into music with his father and siblings to start a gospel band, “House of Bethel.” 

“This is the part of a NFL player’s career that goes unnoticed,” Justin explained. The dream of becoming a culinary chef may have been put on hold, but the love for the kitchen still churns deep with Justin preparing meals for his family every chance that arises.

Through sound investments and frugal financial decisions, Justin Bethel has established a brick and mortar foundation that poised to set him up far beyond his playing career. The athlete’s investment in Kandiid was driven by his friendship with fellow founder Antoine McLaughlin and his determination to learn more about technology. Kandiid is a social media platform designed and created as a social-selling  marketplace. The platform boasts of “The Klub,” a trailblazing feature allowing users to also monetize NFT linked content.

Striking a balance between playing professional sports and living life to the fullest is a feat that most people would find impossible to achieve. However, Justin Bethel managed to conquer all of his endeavors through his unwavering commitment and unyielding faith. In the coming years, the NFL player envisions himself taking his career as an investor to the next level.

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