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Chris Stinton: From Humble Roots to Entrepreneurial Luminary

Chris Stinton From Humble Roots to Entrepreneurial Luminary
Photo Courtesy: Chris Stinton

By: Maria Williams

Seventeen years ago, a young college graduate embarked on a journey into the business world armed with nothing but ambition and a willingness to learn. Little did he know that this leap of faith would eventually lead him to become the founder of a thriving construction company, Honest Exteriors

“I’ve always had big dreams,” Chris Stinton says from his home in Minnetonka, his voice carrying the weight of years of determination and resilience. “I grew up not having a lot of money, so I’ve always had the aspiration to learn more, to grow, and to reach my goals.”

Born and raised in the heart of Fargo, North Dakota, Stinton’s childhood was marked by simplicity and a hunger for more. As an only child, he learned the value of self-reliance and perseverance early on.

After graduating from college, Stinton emerged with a fierce ambition and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Armed with these attributes, he embarked on a journey that would take him from the corridors of academia to the forefront of entrepreneurial success.

Stinton’s journey into entrepreneurship began with humble beginnings, knocking on doors and prospecting for insurance restoration opportunities. Reflecting on those early days, he recalls the excitement of navigating basic hail swaths and assisting homeowners affected by storms. Despite facing challenges and rejection, he embraced the experience as an opportunity for growth, noting that it thickened his skin and laid the groundwork for his future success.

As Stinton’s proficiency in sales soared, earning him accolades year after year, he recognized the importance of continuous self-investment. He started investing in himself by going to seminars and conferences, reading more books, and meeting industry experts to learn from their expertise. 

Building upon his reputation for loyalty and dedication, Stinton spent six years with a company, contributing significantly to its growth and success. However, as he reached the pinnacle of his achievements, he realized that the company’s investment in professional development was waning. Undeterred, Stinton sought new opportunities aligned with his continued growth and advancement aspirations.

Joining a new company proved to be a transformative move for him, propelling his career in an entirely new direction. Over seven years, Stinton played an instrumental role in catapulting the company’s annual revenue from six million dollars to over thirty, cementing his status as a leader in sales. For Stinton, this period was marked by excitement and fulfillment as he witnessed the tangible impact of his contributions to the company’s success. 

Today, Stinton founded Honest Exteriors, a full-service exterior construction company specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. But that’s not all. Honest Exteriors puts a special emphasis on investing in its people and taking special care of their clients. When asked why he chose to do things differently with his business, Stinton says, “I’ve always had a passion for real estate and helping people out.” 

Founded in June 2021, Honest Exteriors was built on a foundation of taking risks and creating a high-tech, exciting culture that holds a high moral ground. “And that’s exactly what I did. While building the business wasn’t straightforward, I didn’t want to do it halfway. I wanted to go all in and invest fully because that was my duty, my calling, to do it the right way from the beginning.”

Chris Stinton From Humble Roots to Entrepreneurial Luminary_2
Photo Courtesy: Chris Stinton

Honest Exteriors has more than tripled in size in 2023 and is expanding its offerings to include metal roofing projects, as well as synthetic roofing and siding. “Right now, there’s a lot of cool things we’re doing,” says Stinton. “We’re also investing in new types of software and hired our first sales manager, who has a passion for construction and wants to invest in themselves and grow exponentially in their career. It’s a really great opportunity.”

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Stinton’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of growth. From his early days as a door-to-door salesperson to his current position as a successful entrepreneur, Stinton’s unwavering commitment to excellence continues to drive him forward, propelling him toward new horizons of success.

For those working at Honest Exteriors, company trips, conferences, and sales contests are expected, and “every few months or so, you get a sense of the team’s recharge boosts of excitement after an event.” 

“We’re all busy serving our clients and having family time, so it’s nice to be able to bring the team together outside the office to go out to top golf, a nice dinner, or a comedy show. I enjoy spending time with my team and am passionate about creating an environment where they can thrive.” 

If you would like to learn more about Chris Stinton’s inspiration or his innovative company, Honest Exteriors, be sure to visit their website or check them out on LinkedIn today.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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