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Emerging Artist Trae Taylor Projects a New Outlook as He Prepares to Break Out in the Music Scene

As children, emotions are easy to read and understand, but the older we grow, the more confusing it can sometimes get. For rising musician Trae Taylor, music was the anchor that held him steady enough to understand himself. His focus and understanding led him to pursue a professional career, and he now stands on the verge of his breakthrough.

Trae Taylor grew up in central Virginia, where he and his family have lived all his life. His family takes roots in Charlottesville and Hanover County, originating from rural areas and the countryside. The landscapes were a big part of the would-be artist’s life throughout his upbringing. His early exposure to music was through country music and rock and roll. One of Trae’s favorite artists growing up was the king himself, Elvis, whom Trae impersonated when he was six.

Trae lost his grandfather in the sixth grade, opening a squall of emotions. He turned to singing and songwriting as an escape, using music to understand his own emotions. His parents were often very busy as military officers, leaving Trae to entertain himself, his brother, and other relatives. During this time, his love for entertaining started and eventually grew over time. From there, he decided to pursue a professional career with the ambition of breaking out as one of country music’s biggest personalities and entertainers.

As a musician, Trae embraces all kinds of genres, having been raised listening to all the greats. His early influences have led him to create a blended sound, creating something for everyone. The artist strives to create a brand that answers the need for a good, fun entertainer without the nonsense.

“Where are the days where you can jam out with the whole family to music everyone enjoys?” he asked. Rather than wait for someone else to answer, Trae took it upon himself to remind listeners of what is most important in life, encouraging people to relax and be themselves. 

“We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we can agree to get along,” said the artist. “The Trae Taylor brand is centered on loving this country that has given us so much and showing that people of all colors and religions can share the belief in family, God, and the United States of America. There’s more that we have in common than that separates us.”

Trae Taylor’s unique outlook and background help separate him from other emerging artists. He represents a side of America that has not been adequately represented. Trae is a black, conservative, college educated, straight single man who loves his country and believes in the American Dream. He is currently serving the country in the United States Army. However, his fanbase has been clamoring for his debut single, “Sippin’,” which will be released in the Summer.

Although he is providing his services to the country now, Trae Taylor is optimistic about his career in the music industry. He foresees a career that has him as one of the most prominent recording artists in the country with the prospect of branching out into entertainment as an actor.

“I see my brand helping out families and individuals all over America through philanthropy and organizations like the Wounded Warrior program,” Trae added.

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