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Daniel Kivo Is Thriving as a Human Resource Professional Moving Companies Forward

An organization’s employees and staff make up the core of the organization. Thus, it is imperative that the organization gets it right with recruiting staff and ensure that it has the best hands in its workforce. This is why talent sourcing and human resources professionals exist—to galvanize this department in every organization and make it a hitch-free process. Daniel Kivo is an accomplished individual in this space and has contributed to the growth of different companies in diverse ways.

Daniel Kivo holds a bachelor of science degree in communication from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California, and a master of science degree in Human Resources from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California. Over the last few years, he has established himself as a strategic talent sourcing professional with over three years in leadership roles, working with organizations for growth and profitability. Daniel Kivo is an expert at strategic sourcing initiatives, optimizing return on human capital and realigning individual and departmental performance with organizational strategic goals and objectives.

His work experience cuts across different companies, which include Showdown Events Company, where he worked as a Sales Executive, the United States Navy, where he worked as a Human Resource Specialist, Link Consulting as a Recruiter and Ace Parking, where he currently works as a Talent Manager. He has a rich mix of experience in sales, human resource management, talent management and enterprise-wide deployment. Daniel Kivo takes pride in his self-initiative, enthusiasm, drive, and ability to work under pressure yet deliver accurate results.

With his vast experience in human management, Daniel Kivo’s goal is to match the right people with the right organizations for them. He also makes sure every company he works for enjoys a successful execution of its recruitment strategy. To highlight his experience further, he has successfully led recruitment exercises for Los Angeles and Orange County, processed I9s, background checks, and EVerified through the recruiting process.

His achievements include creating the recruiting life cycle including sourcing, interviewing, referencing, and offering negotiations for candidates in Medical and IT. He also evaluated market conditions and ensured the candidate inventory population while making resume screening more automated than before. He reached out to many qualified candidates by conducting telephone and in-person interviews to obtain work history, education, training, job skills, and salary requirements. In addition to this, he successfully defined new candidate selection parameters through a data-driven study, which resulted in improved candidate quality and increased supply.

As his career continues to grow, he aims to play a leading role in bringing about changes in the human resource space. He intends to establish new methods of candidate sourcing and targeted recruitment. He draws motivation from the existing gap between human resource departments and getting the best candidates for various job positions. His five-year goal is to spearhead recruitment processes that other talent acquisition professionals can adopt and implement across organizations worldwide.

He also established Hire VA Now in 2019 as a marketplace connecting business owners with the best virtual assistants in e-commerce, web development, digital marketing, and many more. After screening them based on skill, attitude, and communication, the platform lists the top 1% of freelancers looking to work as virtual assistants and then connects them to business owner clients. Learn more about Daniel Kivo on his LinkedIn profile and follow him in Instagram.

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