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Cyber Pugs NFT Celebrates Pugs and Gives Them a Spotlight

Dogs hold a special place in many people’s lives. They are a constant companion and friend. For NFT enthusiasts who love dogs, finding a dog-themed collection that also benefits dogs in real life should be a priority. This is what sets Cyber Pugs NFTs apart. Not only do they feature tokens with unique pugs, but this collection will also donate to dog charities to give dogs the support they need. 

Cyber Pugs is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain that features pugs in all their glory. It comes with around 30 to 50 different assets, such as headgear, eyewear, skins, tattoos, hairstyles, clothes, and backgrounds. Each asset is combined in a unique way to build a collection of 10,000 NFTs. With a dedicated team backing this project, these pugs have a unique DNA and style. 

People have often said how dogs have personalities. For example, some may be more playful, while others are very protective of their human companions. The Cyber Pugs collection takes these traits and incorporates them into their NFTs. Each pug is classified into one of 16 different personality types based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. With this classification in mind, each token will also include the dog’s personality type in the artwork. 

Pugs became the subject matter for this NFT collection because it is a dog breed that people have different opinions on. Some people love pugs and adore them, while others do not care for this breed at all. That difference in opinion forms part of the origin story of Cyber Pugs and its alternate universe. In the near future, the pup world will undergo several changes. Dogs live in a world where resources are hard to come by, and their needs are not met. After all the dog races gathered for a meeting, they decided to banish all pugs to Scrap Island. They made this decision after coming to the conclusion that pugs are the most useless dog breed.

Forced to live on a barren and inhospitable island, the pugs had to find innovative solutions for their problems. A few years later, they have developed an advanced society and evolved into a new technologically-enhanced dog breed. Thus began the Cyber Pugs.

The Cyber Pugs NFT project has a lot of surprises in store for holders. The team behind this project is set to release the official Puglife Soundtrack. Holders will surely enjoy this theme song, as its release also marks a giveaway where they can win exclusive prizes. The team also plans to release Cyber Pug comic books detailing the incredible stories of these pugs. Once all the pugs in the collection have been adopted, the team will begin producing Puglife merchandise such as clothing items, stickers, and plushy toys. These merch items will be available for all, although Cyber Pug holders will have a few extra surprises awaiting them. 

With dogs at the center of the Cyber Pugs NFT collection, it is only fitting that their community gives back to causes that support these furry friends. Once all the NFTs in this collection are minted, the creative team will donate to a dog charity. 

Cyber Pugs NFTs are the perfect collectible tokens for dog lovers, even more so if they love pugs in particular. This collection is available on the Solana blockchain. For more information, you can visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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