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Building Strong Business Organizations with Dr. David Ayo-Akerele

Sought-after business consultant, prolific writer, and remarkable public speaker Dr. David Ayo-Akerele is using scientifically tested business models that are designed to reduce voluntary employee turnover and tacit organizational knowledge. With the ultimate goal to help build strong organizations and phenomenal leaders who will take these companies to the next level, thriving businesses can rely on his expertise for them to reach their goals.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Ayo-Akerele has worked closely with numerous Fortune 500 companies in Europe, North America, and Africa to help them advance in a highly competitive business climate. Having finished a Doctorate Degree in Employee Turnover and Human Capital Development from the prestigious Edinburgh Business School, Dr. Ayo-Akerele has become the go-to person when it comes to business consultancy. He is a member of the Canadian Management Consulting Association, the Human Resources Professional Association of Canada, a Board Member of three US-based organizations, and a certified business analysis professional. 

Additionally, Dr. Ayo-Akerele also holds two MBA degrees, two Bachelor’s Degrees, and two diplomas from different institutions around the world, making him a highly qualified consultant and trainer. 

Dr. David Ayo-Akerele is currently the Director of Larenjayo Inc., a known leadership and human capital training brand that specializes in training leaders, both in the private and public sectors. It is best known for its world-class and transformational leadership training that prepares individuals inwardly, making them resilient, focused, and passionate about fulfilling their responsibilities in the organization. The company trains in the area of business analysis, knowledge management, project management, and employee turnover within the boundaries of human resource management. 

Setting its clients apart from the rest of their counterparts in the business industry is one of the major objectives of Larenjayo Inc. under the leadership of Dr. Ayo-Akerele. As one of the top training hubs in North America, Canada, and Africa, promoting and upholding career excellence, national transformation, and business competitiveness are some of its most notable attributes. The company’s services encompass a wide array of industries, including food production, manufacturing, warehousing, finance, publishing, supply chain, retail, and government, to mention a few. 

Larenjayo Inc. is definitely not Dr. Ayo-Akerele’s last stop as he continues to pursue new ventures and opportunities that will allow him to positively influence the leadership methods of people with influence around the world. He looks forward to getting speaking invitations in other parts of the world to elaborate on leadership and national transformation issues. Among others, he also wants to become a respectable columnist in a news agency or journal with a global reach. Additionally, Dr. Ayo-Akerele aspires to secure more paid consulting opportunities within the domains of employee turnover management and organizational tacit knowledge retention, two of his strongest skills as a business consultant. 

Through his hard work and exceptional feats in the area of business consultancy and leadership training, Dr. Ayo-Akerele hopes to inspire others to connect with him so that they, too, can achieve success in their areas of expertise. 

Learn more about Dr. David Ayo-Akerele and Larenjayo Inc. by visiting this site. Follow Dr. Ayo-Akerele on Facebook for updates. 

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