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Aaron Tadian, CEO of Luxe Styling, Donates 25,000 to Save a Children Foundation

Aaron Tadian
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Luxe Styling CEO and founder celebrated fashion designer Aaron Tadian has donated $25000 to Save a Children Foundation to help them continue their fantastic work in helping kids worldwide. This is the first step in the company’s mission to support vulnerable and less fortunate kids, as they will be giving a percentage of their profits to charity every year (For every suit sold, Luxe Styling will donate a percentage of the total to different charities around the world). 

According to Aaron Tadian, their goal is to spread love and hope through fashion and inspire other entrepreneurs to give back. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and it is unfortunate to see many kids lack things taken for granted, like clean water, nutritious food, free basic education, and proper housing, says Aaron. 

According to new data by UIS and GEM Report, 244 million children and youth aged between 6 and 18 are still missing out on school worldwide, one of the causes being finances. As the cost of living continues to rise, the gap between the richest and poorest widens, and so does access to basic needs such as food, education, clothing, and shelter. Most of these kids don’t even have someone to support and encourage them or look up to. 

Through Luxe Styling, Aaron hopes to empower children to pursue their passions by donating to organizations like Save a Children, which work to help children. He is also showing other young dreamers that it is possible to get to the top. 

Aaron Tadian will be sharing his journey from how he started in the fashion industry, the highs, lows, and even the lessons learned. 

Luxe Styling has cemented its spot in the New York and US fashion scene, with many praising the excellent quality and sophisticated style. The brand has been worn by well-known names in the entertainment and music industries. But like any other venture establishing their place when they first started was challenging. 

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive fields, and as a young designer breaking into the industry took work. However, Aaron didn’t give up. He fought for his passion, invested in it, and is now looking to expand. In the coming years, Aaron Tadian sees himself owning and franchising stores around the country as he supports more charity organizations.

“Our business has always been about helping families in need, and this is a great opportunity for us to continue that strong tradition and further help others as we inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same,” says Aaron Tadian.

Aaron believes that the more you give, the more you get and the happier you feel, and by joining hands, we can cover more ground and help more kids have ‘normal’ childhoods and a fair shot at life. They get access to better education and play like other kids their age instead of working to provide for their siblings and have a roof under their heads and clothes.

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