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5 Recruiting Tech Issues and How to Solve Them

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It’s an inescapable fact that competition for top IT talent is fierce. Put simply, it is your job as a recruiter to find jobs for people that are a good match for their abilities, background, and experience. As the hiring manager, you’ll also need to show up to meetings and make connections within the corporation and the company you’re working for. You’ll need to spend some time on the phone making initial contact with prospects, following up with those who show promise, checking references, collecting the necessary paperwork, etc. With everything else you have to do, you will only be able to devote as much time as you can afford to overcome the many tech recruiting challenges.

Here are five recruiting tech issues you will likely encounter and how to solve them effectively:

1.      Securing the best fit for the role

In the recruitment process, you will likely have access to a pool of numerous talents spread across the various IT sectors. Therefore, selecting the ideal candidate to fit a role can be challenging, especially if you receive thousands of applications. “However, it’s best to understand it’s about more than attracting applications but the suitable candidates,” says Giridhar Akkineni, CEO AkkenCloud.

How to solve it

First, ensure you have researched and clearly stipulated the minimum specifications and qualifications that match the vacancy. The goal is to discourage and eliminate unqualified candidates, making your work easier.

2. Attracting top talents

Placing a job advert is not sufficient to attract top industry talents. Remember, you are in competition with other companies in the race to recruit qualified IT personnel who can deliver on the job. You also want to avoid attracting just anyone.

How to solve it

We recommend you conduct detailed market research and analysis to uncover the standard market package for the role and how best you can improve it to attract the best talents to drive your company strategy.

3. Unresponsive applicants

Unresponsive candidates can be a significant challenge for recruiters. As a recruiter in the tech field, you are likely to encounter candidates who won’t reply to your job advert or invite. Though various factors contribute to this, you can certainly improve the response rate.

How to solve it

As a recruiter, take your time to research a candidate’s history, preferences, and motivations. Also, use this data to develop a robust and personalized letter to each candidate. A personalized message will stick out among many others that don’t align with the expert’s career objectives.

4. Long hiring process

A long recruitment process is costly for both the recruiter and the candidates. It’s a challenge that everyone can easily overcome with clear objectives and by shortening the interview process.

How to solve it

The best way is to shorten the hiring process from shortlisting to interviewing and appointments.

5. Constantly changing tech market needs

As technology advances, the need for fresh, skilled talents increases. To understand the IT skills needed now and in the future, you will need to interact with the operational managers and stay in touch with the organization’s overall objective.

How to solve it

A periodically evaluated hiring strategy that constantly aligns with the market and organization’s needs will be essential.


Though you are likely to face other recruiting challenges, you can easily overcome them by keeping up with changing market needs and staying true to the company’s overall objective. Recruiting tech talent can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and strategies, it can be made much easier. By understanding the specific issues that recruiters face in the tech industry, such as securing the best fit for a role, attracting top talents, dealing with unresponsive applicants, and navigating a constantly changing tech market, recruiters can take steps to overcome these challenges and find the best candidates for their organization. Additionally, by staying in touch with the organization’s overall objectives and continuously evaluating and updating their hiring strategy, recruiters can ensure that their recruitment efforts are aligned with the company’s needs and goals. Ultimately, recruiting tech talent is a critical aspect of any organization’s success, and with the right approach, recruiters can find the best candidates to drive the company’s growth and success.

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