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3 Secret Tools To Scale Success & Happiness in Your Spiritual Enterprise According To Divina Caballo

Many people start a business or venture out to achieve life’s goals, but few scale the success they deserve. It can be frustrating when you put in all your time, money, and effort with no real success. People often fail not because of their actions or marketing skills, constituting only 10% of their manifesting power in their conscious mind; they fail because they operate only from the conscious mind ignoring other realms like the subconscious and superconscious mind. The evident disconnect of their external strategies with the latent spiritual power of the mind blocks the positive results. Divina Caballo, a certified mindset coach and founder of FreeSpirit Academy, lists three secret ways to activate spiritual wealth to maximize business success.

1. Remove All Negative Beliefs from The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is responsible for 45% of our manifesting power to enact, enable, and empower habits for a successful venture. It is where all our practices and beliefs are stored. Positive energies and beliefs must find more room as the subconscious level accounts for major mindset scenarios. Intuitively harnessing the power of the subconscious mind ignites the proper insight for a successful transition to positive actions. People carry thousands of negative thoughts in their subconscious minds. No matter how much effort you put into the conscious mind, you will always do what your subconscious mind has programmed you to do- positive or negative. Therefore, “removing the hundreds of negative beliefs from the subconscious holding us back” is crucial, per Divina Caballo.

2. Activate Creative Genius Through The Superconscious Mind

The realm of the superconscious mind is the powerhouse of all creativity and innovation, and it accounts for 45% of an individual’s manifesting power. It is where your higher self or all-knowing mind dictates your genius talent that impresses your clients with breakthrough products and marketing. You do not have to second-guess your product or marketing strategies. You are always at the right spot at the right time by leveraging your higher genius – the source of divine inspiration – the superconscious mind. “If your superconscious genius is blocked, you will not be guided properly to the abundant outcome that you deserve,” states Divina Caballo. Therefore, activating your superconscious mind is like enabling your higher capabilities. Your success has a far-reaching impact as it emerges from a spiritual thrust to solve people’s problems.

3. Focus on What You Want with The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind considers the external factors that motivate or influence your actions. Though it holds 10% manifesting power, it is indispensable as it translates abstraction into concrete form. According to Divina Caballo, it is the decision maker and the captain of your ship. So, focusing on what you want with the conscious mind is essential. Because what you focus on is what you attract – whether it be positive or negative.

Quite a few business owners realize that we have three minds. Combining the power of all three minds makes the recipe for unlimited success leading to an abundance of health and happiness.


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