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Bringing Joy to Children Battling Cancer through Soccer

Bringing Joy to Children Battling Cancer through Soccer
Photo Courtesy: The Cancer Kickers

When Memphis 901 FC takes the field this season, their jerseys will showcase more than the team’s name and colors. They’ll highlight a charitable cause making a real difference for children fighting cancer worldwide.

The club’s new front jersey sponsorship with Cancer Kickers Soccer Club represents a powerful alliance to uplift kids battling cancer through the unifying sport of soccer.

When childhood cancer upends a young life, the world ends as they know it. Beyond the physical toll of treatment, the emotional impact can feel devastating. Hospital stays displace them from friends and school, and pain and uncertainty cloud once carefree days.

Cancer Kickers Soccer Club envisions a community where no child battles alone. Their mission is to support families facing childhood cancer through comfort, community, and connection. The organization’s new partnership with Memphis 901 FC represents an exciting step toward furthering that goal.

Founded in 2016 by Memphian entrepreneur Chris Clothier, Cancer Kickers helps support children with cancer by delivering customized soccer kits and creating a global support network. To date, the organization has shipped over 2,500 personalized jerseys to children in all 50 states and 23 countries.

Memphis 901 FC is the first professional soccer club to feature a charitable non-profit as the front jersey sponsor on all game-worn kits. The Cancer Kickers logo will be prominently displayed on the front of the team’s jerseys for the 2024 season, including a new third alternate jersey to be revealed this summer.

The team will also enact several season-long initiatives to drive funding and support for Cancer Kickers’ mission:

  • Donating a portion of each ticket sold in the Cancer Kickers Section at AutoZone Park
  • Contributing 10% of 901 FC jersey sales back to the charity
  • Promoting pledge campaigns during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to fundraise through soccer engagement

“This partnership will help us reach more children fighting cancer and provide uplifting support they desperately need,” said Cancer Kickers Founder Chris Clothier.

Restoring Joy through Custom Jerseys

At the heart of Cancer Kickers’ mission is leveraging the power of customized jerseys to uplift children facing cancer. Loved ones can nominate kids battling the disease or in remission to receive a free personalized soccer kit and become Cancer Kickers.

Each kit features the child’s chosen number and nickname, restoring their sense of identity and joy during a difficult time when individuality can feel lost. Wearing the custom jersey helps kids reclaim their spirit, knowing their team is behind them all the way.

Building Community through Camaraderie

In addition to the teammate’s custom kits, the organization maintains active social media pages where families share words of encouragement and build bonds that last a lifetime. Cancer Kickers also hosts teammates and their loved ones in an on-site suite at every Memphis 901 FC home game, enabling local families facing childhood cancer to connect while cheering on their favorite players.

Cancer Kickers also provides resources and information on its website to educate families facing childhood cancer. 

Continuing the Mission

With nearly 400,000 children fighting cancer globally at any given time, the need for Cancer Kickers remains immense. But, the organization has come a long way from its grassroots beginnings through support from donors and partners like Memphis 901 FC.

Still, the challenge is daunting. The treatments necessary to beat childhood cancer often extract a painful physical and emotional toll. Recovery can be slow, and relapses are frustratingly common.

That’s why communities rallying around children battling cancer are vital. The opportunity to cheer on Memphis 901 FC this season represents more than entertainment—it’s a chance for fans to make a tangible difference in the lives of kids fighting major battles.

Jay Mims, Chief Operating Officer for 901 FC, highlights the company’s partnership with Cancer Kickers, especially the organization’s innovative approaches to supporting children battling cancer. Mims praised Cancer Kickers for its effective and creative methods that significantly aid young patients in their fights against cancer. This collaboration reflects 901 FC’s commitment to contribute positively to the community and support impactful organizations like Cancer Kickers.

To nominate a child for a Cancer Kickers kit or support the organization’s cause, visit Consider catching Memphis 901 FC at AutoZone Park this season to support the cause!

Published by: Holy Minoza

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