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What Makes Mike Calandra a Promising Digital Marketer in a Highly Competitive Industry

The digital marketing business is a very competitive and challenging industry but very exciting and fulfilling at the same time, most especially for those who create the perfect formula to become successful. While the platforms and tools may remain the same, what differentiates marketing agencies from each other is something that is intangible and priceless – the amount of care, commitment and creativity extended to each client. 

Over the past 15 years, Mike has managed to grow his clientele significantly, catering to the digital marketing needs of clients ranging from athletes to musicians, public figures to social media influencers and brands. As can be expected, they have different types of needs, goals, and audiences. Mike and his team at Snapback Digital, the agency he owns, are always up to the challenge of creating out of the box digital strategies to give their clients the  competitive edge needed to reach their goals.

Every client gets a personalized approach based on their specific needs. Within our agency, we also create synergies between public figures and brands to bring growth, awareness and consumer affinity. Our strategies are rooted in digital marketing and deliver on results,” Mike shared. 

If there is one thing that Mike is best known for, it is a distinct ability to deliver. He has been instrumental in contributing to the success of his numerous clients over the past years. By understanding their needs and goals, Mike is able to customize strategies that are results oriented. 

Snapback Digital is composed of a team of strategists, creatives, and technology-savvy individuals who believe in Mike’s leadership. When it comes to strategy services, the company offers content strategy, audience acquisition, influencer marketing, paid ads and analytics, brand positioning, and email marketing. Its creative services include graphic design, UX/IX design, website design, and copywriting. On the technology side, the company offers e-commerce development, website development, web hosting, application, and integration, among others. 

His interest and passion for digital marketing began in 2010 when he began managing his friend, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’, social media accounts at the start of his legendary UFC career. “I quickly began managing all aspects of digital and social media for his growing career, from sponsorships to social growth and digital media. This expertise and priceless experience led me into the world of sports where I began working with various athletes in the UFC and NFL,” Mike revealed.

Mike has exciting aspirations for Snapback Digital in the coming years, and one of his major objectives is to continue helping his clients reach new levels of success. Understanding that staying on top of the game is all about making the right connections and adding cutting edge resources to his agency, Mike is determined to stay connected to add value to his company. 

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