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UFC Champion Zhang Weili’s Secret Weapon: Training the Fascia at Hyperarch Fascia Training

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Zhang Weili, the current UFC strawweight champion, is known for her incredible strength and power in the octagon. But what many people don’t know is that her secret weapon is Hyperarch Fascia Training. Hyperarch Fascia Training is a cutting-edge approach to fitness that emphasizes the training of fascia to provide long-lasting results. The training protocol has helped many professional athletes, including Zhang Weili, recover faster, overcome chronic injuries and improve their physical performance.

Before becoming a UFC champion, Zhang Weili was already a highly skilled martial artist. However, she previously suffered low back and big toe issues, sometimes hindering her training and performance. That’s when she started working with Coach Chong to improve her fascia health and her overall strength and power.

At Hyperarch Fascia Training. Zhang Weili worked with Coach Chong Xie, who combined meditation, soft tissue work, movement education, and targeted exercise to help her achieve her fitness goals. They focused on training the fascia, a complex network of connective tissue surrounding and permeating our muscles, bones, and organs. By doing so, Zhang Weili saw her physical performance increase with reduced pain and inflammation and improved her stamina and power.

Zhang Weili’s training with Hyperarch Fascia Training paid off. First, she became the UFC strawweight champion after the TKO of Jessica Andrade in Shenzhen, and she was the first Chinese UFC Champion to do it in under 42 seconds. Then she defended her title in a historic fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 248. But her work with Hyperarch Fascia Training didn’t end there after losing twice to Rose Namajunas with a split decision. So in preparation for her next fight at UFC 281, Zhang Weili worked even harder with Coach Chong Xie.

This time, Hyperarch Fascia Training Inc. used several meditative and physical exercises to stimulate the fascia and unleash the innate ability of Zhang Weili, improving physical performance. It involves a series of exercises that work on the feet and hands, front and back fascia lines to strengthen the fascia connection. Combined with the wrestling and takedown defense, this was trained to flawless perfection.

Powered by a fight-of-the-year rematch win against perennial UFC powerhouse Joanna Jedrzejczyk and a dominant performance against submission specialist Carla “Cookie Monster” Esparza to reclaim the strawweight title. Zhang Weili won the Women’s MMA fighter of the Year award for 2022 over Amanda Nunes.

Coach Chong Xie and Hyperarch Fascia Training Inc. is a member of the Fascia Research Society and was a sponsor at the 2022 Fascia Research Congress Meeting in Montreal, Canada. The company has worked with professional athletes in the UFC, MLS, La Liga, and EPL and has seen incredibly positive results in sports performance. Additionally, they have seen clients overcome chronic foot, Achilles, ankle, knee, and groin pain through their program.

Why train fascia, and what does it do? Fascia provides structure and support throughout your body. It holds your muscles together, which allows them to contract and stretch. It gives a smooth surface for your muscles, joints and organs to slide against each other without creating friction or tears.

Fascia also stabilizes your body structures and gives your body strength. It separates your muscles and eases muscle tension. It also helps with joint stability and movement and improves circulation. Fascia provides an environment enabling all body systems to work together. In recent research, fascia was shown to be associated with many disorders and conditions, including Plantar fasciitis, Myofascial pain syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, frozen shoulder, Peyronie’s disease, compartment syndrome, hernia, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome.

Could Hyperarch Fascia Training be the next Big Thing? Only time will tell. 

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