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TRU Infusion CBD Offering Natural Relief for Muscle/Joint Discomfort and Stress

TRU Infusion
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Physical activities over a long period take their toll on the body, and many people are dealing with one form of physical discomfort or another. Muscle pain, joint pain, and stress are mostly the results of overworked bodies and years of physical activity. These have been major struggles for many people, but TRU Infusion CBD is stepping in to change all of that.

Founded by DJ Lawson and Christopher Arnold, TRU Infusion CBD was established to help people live healthily and happily. Motivated to build the company when DJ’s father was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, the two life-long friends wanted to help lessen the negative effects of the cancer treatments.  CBD had already started gaining traction, and they decided to explore possibilities around the natural benefits that CBD and its derivatives offered. Their work yielded good results.   Eventually DJ’s father beat cancer and took up a position within TRU Infusion as the Chief Operating Officer.

TRU Infusion CBD’s mission statement is “A healthier, happier you,” and its entire operation is built on quality. The company is dedicated to creating and delivering only the highest quality CBD products to support customers’ needs. At TRU Infusion CBD’s core, meticulous ingredient selection, manufacturing and production processes ensure that its products are top-of-the-line and unmatched in the industry. The company’s use of state-of-the-art technology and safe methods contribute to the provision of sustainable products and a premium CBD brand.

All products from TRU Infusion CBD are sourced from the United States and its hemp ingredients are tested through ISO 17025-certified labs multiple times throughout production, enabling the company to remain consistent with the production of high-quality CBD products in the health and wellness industry. “We take extra care in our production process,” Lawson said. “from the hemp we choose, through our extraction process and finally to our infusion process, you can be assured the product you choose is of the finest quality on the market.”

The values Lawson and Arnold have implemented at TRU Infusion CBD are reflected in its product line. Every product from the company contains 0% THC and thus does not have any psychoactive ingredients or effects. The raw materials and finished products undergo third-party testing to certify that they contain 0% THC and are free from heavy metals and pesticides. TRU Infusion CBD is committed to helping people use CBD for relaxation, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep improvement, chronic pain relief, muscle pain relief and many other health benefits.

With a product line that includes tinctures, capsules, topicals, and vapes, TRU Infusion CBD has showcased its commitment to wellness by creating a wide range of products to aid different conditions in different people. The company also debunks the myth that CBD is all about getting intoxicated or “high” by ensuring its products have zero psychoactive properties. “We deliberately made our products to contain zero percent THC. If you’re looking for products that do not give you a “high,” then we are the company for you. Optimum health and wellness are our biggest goals. We want to help our customers feel better and get them to spread the word that there’s a CBD company with products that work,” Arnold said.

Over the last few years, TRU Infusion has grown in leaps and bounds and stamped its presence strongly as a worthy CBD company to watch and follow. It’s disrupting the space with its products and steadily growing toward the point where it offers a 100% guarantee on efficacy and efficiency. “We have come a long way since we started operating. Our focus has been on improving our services and making sure our products meet the highest standards possible. Without customers who find value in what we offer, our brand wouldn’t exist. As a result, we have adopted a customer-centric approach to making sure our products work effectively, and we strive to put our best foot forward so we can adequately vouch for the things we send into the market,” Lawson said.

Over the next few years, their goal is to take TRU Infusion CBD global and play an active role in spreading the word about CBD’s benefits. Lawson and Arnold want to get as many people as possible to adopt CBD as part of their daily regimen for various health issues. The brand has also expressed plans to put out more products to cover more health conditions and ailments. “There’s so much we hope to achieve, and every day, we’re going deeper into research to understand what people need and how we can help them become the best versions of themselves. Our capable team is constantly working to deliver outstanding results with our products, and we hope to keep showing the world that CBD is the future in health and wellness,” Arnold said.

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