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The Origin Story of Boom Chaga®: Your Health Superdrink, Backed by Science and a Passion for Wellness

The Origin Story of Boom Chaga Your Health Superdrink
Photo Courtesy: Boom Chaga

Meet Rich Funk and Mark Homer, the dynamic duo, and the ever-inspiring founders behind the health-centric brand, Boom Chaga®. A product of countless hours of dedicated research and development, Boom Chaga® is the embodiment of their shared vision to positively impact the world’s health, one sip at a time.

Rich and Mark are not just businessmen with lofty ideas. They are visionaries, dedicated to health and wellness, who spent two-and-a-half years collaborating with PhD chemists in Cambridge, MA, to create a product that could bring about a revolution in the health drinks sector. With their impressively credentialed team, they dove into extensive R&D that led to two patent filings, a testament to the uniqueness and innovation of their product.

So, what drives the founders of BOOM Chaga®? The quest for improved health through the power of nature, backed by modern science. Their mission is to make this health journey not only scientifically proven but also easily accessible, enjoyable, and risk-free.

Several distinct attributes set BOOM Chaga® apart in the competitive health drinks category. It’s shelf-stable, easy-to-use, and boasts a gentle flavor profile that can easily blend with any other drink of choice, making it a versatile choice for all.

Also, unlike most mushroom drinks in the market, BOOM Chaga® is available in a liquid form, be it bottles or convenient liquid packets that can be carried or stored with ease.

BOOM Chaga’s liquid concentrate packets are a remarkable addition for individuals seeking to enhance their health. These user-friendly packets provide all the exceptional benefits of BOOM Chaga in a convenient format that seamlessly integrates into one’s daily routine. With BOOM Chaga®, individuals can effortlessly infuse their preferred beverages with its goodness, anytime and anywhere, without the need for refrigeration.

The liquid packets are thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum absorption of BOOM Chaga’s health-boosting properties. They stand out with their superior bioavailability, guaranteeing that users harness the full spectrum of benefits. Compared to similar competitors, BOOM Chaga® boasts a higher antioxidant content, triple the beta-glucans, and an astounding 10 times more betulinic acid. Furthermore, the product is oxalate-free, promoting improved health for its valued consumers. 

So, what does the Boom Chaga® experience promise? It’s a call to elevate your A-Game, suggesting to rise above the ordinary by embracing a lifestyle of holistic wellness that not only fuels the body but empowers the spirit as well.

For Rich and Mark, the journey so far has been as fulfilling as the years of commitment, resilience, and innovation that led to the birth of BOOM Chaga®. They look forward to seeing their labor-of-love continue its trajectory, making a positive impact on global wellness, one healthy sip at a time.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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