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The Melrose Vet Cares About Hollywood And It’s Pets

The Melrose Vet Cares About Hollywood And It’s Pets
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sehaj Grewal

By: Allain Dumon Fonte  

Dr. Sehaj Grewal,  adoringly known throughout Hollywood as The Melrose Vet, has built a reputation for not only caring about animals but also their owners. In the epicenter of West Hollywood where seeing a celebrity getting a cup of coffee is a daily occurrence, the 35 year old vet joined his community in supporting members of SAG/AFTRA by offering discounts to members who fell on hard times during the strike. “I realize that so many of our patients are owned by creatives”, says Dr Grewal. “I wanted to  be there for our community and help out as much as I can.”  

During my recent interview with him, Dr. Grewal addressed the pressing concern of escalating pet care prices. The Hollywood landscape where creatives are finally getting back to work, marked by inflation and persistent challenges has triggered a ripple effect touching every sector, including veterinary clinics and pet care products. While neighborhood clinics strive to offer cost-effective services, they too grapple with the need for sustainability. 

Acknowledging these challenges, Dr. Grewal proposes a practical solution for pet parents: pet insurance. By having pet insurance, like the millennial loved Lemonade, per owners can navigate the rising costs of hospitalization and emergency procedures. Insurance can ensure that their beloved companions receive the necessary care without causing financial strain. “ I met Dr Grewal when a friend recommended him to take care of my new puppy”, says Celebrity stylist and tv personality Derek Warburton, “Ollie was my first dog and Dr Grewal was great. He took care of him and even suggested I get pet insurance to keep costs down and in case of emergency.” 

Dr. Grewal’s most impactful project goes beyond individual struggles; it’s a mission to aid the pets of homeless individuals in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. Collaborating with actress Olivia “Liv” Siegl, the Underdog Community Project was born. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the surge in homelessness left many with only their pets as sources of comfort amid despair. 

The Melrose Vet Cares About Hollywood And It’s Pets
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sehaj Grewal

The Underdog Community Project, founded by USC alumni, strives to provide free, accessible, and quality veterinary services to the pets of unhoused and minority individuals in the greater Los Angeles Area. Dr. Grewal passionately supports this initiative, emphasizing the importance of extending compassion to those who have offered solace in the darkest hours. 

“Underdog Community Project is a new up and coming organization founded by some talented students from USC. They provide monthly medical services to the homeless population’s pets in Skid Row and the larger downtown Los Angeles area,” says Dr. Grewal. “I enjoy my practice and I love our West Hollywood community but being able to work with the Underdog Community Project is so fulfilling”. 

For those inspired to contribute to this noble cause, whether through volunteering or donating, visit their website at Underdog Community Project. Dr. Sehaj Grewal’s compassionate initiatives remind us that in times of uncertainty, the power of empathy can create ripples of positive change, touching the lives of both pets and their devoted human companions. 

To visit the Melrose Vet visit their website 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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