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The Battle Zombies NFTs Gearing Up for First-Ever Real-Life NFT Hunt in London

The NFT industry has seen massive growth in recent years, and the technology is even expanding into several industries. The concept of virtual goods combined with blockchain may have been what caused this change; people are taking an interest not only because they want something new but also out of curiosity as well for how these collections will play themselves out.

With the numerous NFT collections out right now, it can be hard to stand out. However, there are projects that are doing way more than any run-of-the-mill collections. One of these collections is the Battle Zombies NFT.

The Battle Zombies NFTs is an NFT enterprise pushing the envelope of the digital art and GameFi ecosystem. It offers both 2D and 3D digital art rooted in a unique, ever evolving storyline. What makes them unique is that they also offer a real-life NFT hunt. The project also offers a 3D digital game with both P2W (play to win) & P2E (play to earn) features. 

While most NFT collections are confined to the digital world, Battle Zombies go beyond that, seeking to bring their art into tangible form. With this hunt, they aim to increase public awareness on NFTs and Web3, which remains in its infancy as far as the public eye is concerned. 

The collection will bring its art to independent art stores and businesses who will partake in the NFT hunt. Those joining the hunt will be required to spend a certain amount in-store with independent art businesses the project has partnered with. Once the transaction is complete, the NFT hunters will then be able to claim their free unique NFT. To claim the NFT, a unique QR code will need to be scanned.

The great part is that anyone can join in on the hunt—be it the community or just anyone from the general public. Even random shoppers could stumble upon the NFT art in public. The team at the helm of the collection will also provide clues online as to where the NFTs are roughly located. Therefore, people who are really on the lookout for the NFTs can use their maps to navigate, like a modern day treasure hunt.

The collection is all about giving back to the community. As huge proponents of charity, they will be donating $50,000 to veterans and will be hosting a paintballing event where members of the community can battle it out in real time.

The community can also battle it out virtually, since they are developing a play-to-earn user economy built around their unique assets on the Solana blockchain. The team has already released a beta version of the game, but a fully fledged game will soon be under development.

The funds raised from the mint will be reinvested into the development of the game to ensure optimum quality in a timely fashion. Finally, they will be releasing their own unique cryptocurrency token that can be used in our game and aligns with their ecosystem, thereby giving even more value to the community. Minting will start on December 20.

Learn more about The Battle Zombies NFTs on their website.

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