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Taking the Lead and Expressing Your Individuality with Messiah Faison

A lot of people are afraid to explore and learn about new things. Although they want to leave their comfort zone and explore more on what they can do, a feeling of failure and judgment always eats up their confidence. People are supposed to enjoy life freely without judgment when they’re in their youth. However, because of overcritical people, we are too timid to try. So instead of appreciating what life has to offer outside the box, fear overtakes. When people hear unnecessary comments and unsolicited suggestions from people because of the life they chose to live, they take a step back to feel safe and instead hide who they are.

As such, a person feels imprisoned or confined by all these judgments. As a result, individuals become intimidated when a new situation arises. Rather than feeling thrilled, they feel anxious, looming with the possibility that before they can even try, they already overestimated the possible results, which leads to being cynical. This is what GTF Entertainment’s Messiah Faison wants everyone to break themselves free from.

For Messiah, it is totally normal for a person to decide for themselves without worrying about the comments of the people around them. He wishes to expand his reach to let people know about the purpose of his brand. It is his mission to encourage and empower others of how powerful being free from judgment and living your truth feels like. Even though there is negativity in the news, social media, and in real life, his advocacy reminds us of the importance of our individuality. All things considered, Messiah Faison is aware of the number of people who are discouraged from stepping forward and expressing themselves, afraid of judgmental eyes and hurtful comments. With this, he wants to create and give a safe space for each individual to learn and slowly take the process of expressing themselves at their own pace. When someone takes the lead, like Messiah, everyone else has the confidence to follow.

Individuality empowerment is what Messiah wants to advocate for. Being confident and comfortable with himself, he knows what it would be like if everyone else did not hold back in advocating for themselves exactly as he did. He wanted to take the lead toward taking the first step in expressing oneself, both in words and in action. Through his platform, he wishes to offer a helping hand for those still inside the boxes that society made. Through empowering discussions and freedom to express oneself, he aims to spread his words and the advocacy he wants to promote and achieve.

Messiah himself said, “Be yourself and stand up for what you believe in because if you don’t, you will forever live the life of another.” Indeed, there is nothing wrong with accepting or listening to other people’s opinions or suggestions for us, but at the end of the day, it will always and should be up to you.

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