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Tackle Your Chronic Pain with Revitalice’s Revolutionary Focused Ice Therapy® System

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Pictured: Jeff Ott, founder and CEO of Revitalice holding his ice pack invention

Have you ever experienced chronic pain you can’t seem to shake? Looking for a less invasive solution than prescription drugs or surgery? You’re not alone. Jeff Ott, founder and CEO of a start-up ice therapy company Revitalice® wants to help you tackle your pain problems with a simple, inexpensive, and effective pain treatment method. Revitalice created a revolutionary product that’s shaking up common pain therapy methods and helping people get back on their feet again. 

Revitalice offers more than just a product – they offer a pain treatment system. After finding a solution to his own chronic pain, Jeff wanted to share it with the rest of the world. Revitalice’s founder dealt with two incidents of major slipped and herniated disc injuries in the early 2000s. Before committing to the recommended surgical cure, Jeff, inventor and ice treatment aficionado, wanted to try a less invasive option. He felt that, at 48 years of age, he was entirely too young to go under the knife for a risky surgery in pursuit of a quick fix with questionable long-term results. After plenty of research and consulting with multiple doctors, he devised a treatment regimen centered around the consistent application of ice. The workhorse of this pain treatment system is focused ice therapy that shrinks the membranes and tissue, reducing inflammation, and allowing the pain points to heal over time. Ultimately, Jeff was able to cure his neck problems without surgery and created a revolutionary new product along the way.

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Although Jeff found ice therapy helped his pain, the existing methods were less than ideal. Ice in a plastic bag created a wet mess. Store bought, generic ice packs either weren’t cold enough or didn’t stay cold very long. Using either option required long periods of sitting, often in uncomfortable positions to keep the ice in place. The solution: Revitalice’s ice pack and multi-strap system. This focused ice therapy system boasts a simple strap design that allows users to secure the ice pack anywhere on their body without the need to remain stationary. The ice pack itself contains a proprietary mixture that gets colder than ice and stays cold, while never sweating or making a mess. Revitalice aims to remove all inconveniences from traditional ice therapy to get people moving again. Enlisting the help of his children, and close friends experiencing various pain  scenarios, Jeff brought his dream of helping others with their chronic pain into reality with Revitalice, an innovative ice pack system made entirely in the US.
So far, office workers, weekend warriors, and former professional athletes alike have experienced the benefits of Revitalice’s convenient and powerful focused ice therapy system. Whether you sit all day at work, exercise for fun, train like a pro, or suffer from chronic pain, you too can benefit from the Revitalice system. In the coming weeks, Revitalice will announce an exciting celebrity partnership, so be sure to follow them on their website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. To learn more about Revitalice and how this innovative product can help resolve your pain, visit

Revitalice has succeeded in redefining pain management by introducing an alternative approach that is non-invasive, drug-free, and effective. In the future, Revitalice is expected to be the go-to provider of cold therapy products and will remain committed to helping people enjoy the pain-free life they deserve. 

Always consult with your doctor before starting any pain management regimen. Revitalice and statements about the product uses/benefits are not intended to replace advice or recommendations from your healthcare provider.

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