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Suzette Shanle on Letting Her Creativity Flow and Edge Her on the Path to Success

Having the creativity, the environment, and the confidence to chase one’s dreams can make a difference in a person’s life journey. Likewise, knowing what one wants and pursuing it relentlessly is equally essential on the journey to success. Suzette Shanle acquired all of these traits early in life and has forged ahead without minding obstacles and challenges, becoming a respected artist, author and entrepreneur.

Experiencing a head injury early in her life was a game changer for Suzette, as it made many people around her want to adjust her perspectives and perceptions. However, with high confidence in her abilities, Suzette always stuck to her guns and pursued her ideas as the only believer in herself and her dreams.

Creativity and originality are the qualities that have set her apart in the art world. “As a creative person, I don’t feel I am in competition with others. My work is my vision, and I understand it may not appeal to everyone. However, I hope my work is appreciated for its originality,” she said. Suzette detests anything that places her in a box, so she goes all out to explore her gifts to the fullest. “I revel in the freedom to be me, embrace my flaws and celebrate my unique abilities,” she stated.

Over the years, Suzette Shanle has defied all odds and broken stereotypes that force her to conform to societal standards. She is the author of the book “Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope,” which tells her story of surviving violence and keeping her heart pure. She has forged her own path and created a successful career out of it. Her journey so far is defined by her natural abilities and the innate talents embedded in her. And despite all odds, Suzette Shanle has made her mark with her extensive works ranging from her photography to her paintings, clothing designs and books. 

Her goal is to connect with people of all ages so they can recognize her art and appreciate it for the originality and creativity it depicts. “Every work in my name is in a league of its own. I do not mass produce to suit market trends, so there will never be another type of my work released at the same time I release mine.”

Beyond creativity and artistic qualities, Suzette also takes pride in her marketing skills. So, she combined those skills with her abilities to project herself to a larger audience and the world. She began by building her brand and creating a recognizable image for herself in the business world.

Besides creating amazing art and publishing an impactful book, Suzette Shanle produces wearable art and markets it through the Le Galeriste site. Her clothing line for women offers dresses, tops, bottoms, scarves, face masks, accessories, and even artwork. “Once the self-employed bug bit me, I learned no other person is going to work as I did, and I didn’t want to be managed or held back in my career goals,” she said.

Suzette continues to make her mark in all of her endeavors; in fact, her life story was pitched by Brandon Blake at Blake and Wang law agencies and is currently being considered by networks to be produced as a television series. In a few years, Suzette hopes to keep growing and building her brand by expanding her reach to other parts of the world, creating fashion items for men, publishing more books and writing a story that will resonate with anyone seeking success in any field whatsoever.

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