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Spiritual Mentor Gershom Sikaala on Breakthrough Thinking

Though spiritual mentorship can be a relatively new concept to some people, it’s an ancient concept. Spiritual mentorship can be drawn from the scriptures largely from the life of Jesus and his disciples. Ideally, spiritual mentorship entails coaching and guidance on how to live a life with Christ. Spiritual mentors can also play a critical role in helping you adapt and embrace breakthrough thinking to make everyday decisions.

Dr. Gershom Sikaala is a renowned spiritual leader and a mentor guiding others on breakthrough thinking. Dr. Sikaala is also a gifted and skilled writer with several books, including Breakthrough Thinking and Look At God. Look At God, his most recent release, became an Amazon top seller in Christian books within 24 hours of its release. The passionate mentor is a Statesman Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy and Humanity graduate from United Graduate College Seminary. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Zambia’s University of Cambridge. 

The LA-based spiritual mentor has taken a new front, helping and educating others to embrace and appreciate the importance of breakthrough thinking. A born philanthropist, Dr. Sikaala is also the founder of Zambikes, a bamboo bicycle manufacturing plant that sells in over 60 nations. Zambikes is based in Zambia and has been a great source of income for many locals. He is also the creator of Purekonect, an alternative social media platform that protects personal data while connecting families and friends.

According to Dr. Sikaala, the first significant step in achieving progress in breakthrough thinking is defining the conditions. Identifying the parameters and the magnitude and likely solutions is essential. This includes presuming that the situation is unique to seek fresh solutions rather than existing ones and seek the problem’s fundamental source. Looking further than the present situation and projecting what will transpire after the problem has been addressed and its potential future impact helps cope with reality.

Dr. Sikaala adds that the entire process is predicated on ensuring that accurate information is available ahead of time and that everyone is involved in finding a solution. Setting operational timelines is also crucial to avoid breakthrough thinking reverting to brainstorming with no clear end game or objective in sight. Though it can be challenging at times, Dr. Sikaala believes that you can overcome every hurdle with objectified breakthrough thinking.

Dr. Sikaala adds that breakthrough thinking encompasses reaching out to others when things get tough. The key is to identify a mentor or a peer who’s doing better than you or holds information you might not have access to. This will help ease the burden or risk of drowning in non-objective thoughts.

In his book, Delete Offense, Dr. Sikaala argues that if you can tolerate hurt, betrayal, and slander from friends and family, you can overcome resentment via forgiveness. He asserts that your relationship with the Holy Spirit is vital for gaining the power to forgive others’ conduct and releasing the negative consequences that relational issues can have on your well-being.

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