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Social Media Influencers Creating Impact At The Cheer Choice Awards 2023

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The rise of social media influencers has brought about a new wave of charitable giving. With social media on the rise, many influencers have used their platforms to raise awareness and funds for various causes, from environmental conservation to mental health awareness. This has led to such social media award ceremonies that celebrate these influencers for their efforts while raising money for important causes.

This past week, The Cheer Choice Awards did just that. This award show was created by Danielle Claudio, Founder and President of the nonprofit Spread The Cheer USA and her team.

It was a weekend of networking and coming together to celebrate impact. Culminated with a red carpet, this high-level award ceremony was held in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino and Resort. The show aimed to recognize the most influential social media influencers and raise awareness and funds for various causes, including Spread The Cheer USA.

Written and directed by Julie Gordon and Tina Maddigan, the event was attended by some of the biggest names in social media, like host Scott D. Henry and announcer Jon Bailey and was hosted in the Pearl Theater. Winners included creators from various social media platforms with different size followings, like motivational speaker Marcus Black, everyone’s favorite tater to Ophelia Nichols and the greatly missed Steven “Twitch” Boss. 

The categories ranged from Comedy to Dance, Education, Fashion, Military and Law, and Motivational.

The guests cheered and applauded as each winner took the stage to give a heartfelt speech about their cause and the importance of giving back.

In addition to the awards, Frankie Zulferino closed the ceremony with a fantastic performance that had the crowd going. The Cheer Choice Awards were live streaming on KNEKT tv, hosted by Podcast host and superstar Michelle Barone. She’s known for making influencers, content creators and celebrities comfortable sharing their stories. In addition, her relatable and up close and personal interview style creates interest in her audience and builds a strong relationship with the person she is interviewing. 

Overall, the high-end award ceremony was a huge success, both in raising funds for charity and recognizing social media influencers’ efforts to impact the world positively. It was a glamorous and inspiring evening, and everyone left feeling inspired to do more for the causes they care about.To watch the entire show, visit:

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