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Serial Entrepreneur and Media Icon Kimberly Cloud Shares Her Recipe for Success

Kimberly Cloud is a military veteran, producer, inventor, coach, podcaster, a thriving entrepreneur, and the owner/founder of three successful businesses—Blue Blue Cloud LLC., Wigs for Success Inc and Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC. She is also the author of Life of a Cloud: A Short Story by Kimberly Cloud, an inspirational story about her life journey.

Growing up, Kimberly spent her early childhood in the suburb of Washington, DC, until she and her family relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was seven. However, the tragic loss of her mother when she was fifteen saw the teen moving back to her hometown to go to high school and work odd jobs to support the family. However, despite combining school with work, Kimberly kept her eyes firmly on the goal and graduated with honors from high school. She proceeded to join the military, an immersive experience of creativity, strength, and empowerment that would forever change her. 

After leaving the military to join the workforce at Convergys and Alorica affiliated with AT&T, Kimberly enrolled in college, earning her bachelor’s degree and later, her master’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. This new career path nudged the trailblazer in the right direction, and she established her companies—Blue Cloud Cleaning and Genuinely Michelle wigs LLC in 2020 and  Wigs for Success in 2021.

Since deciding to carve her path rather than be decided by others, this trailblazing individual has catapulted herself into entrepreneurial success in multiple industries, inspiring others to reach for their dreams. As a result, she has received many accolades and awards. Most recently, she was presented with a recognition award by the mayor at her hometown’s heroes banner program. 

As a woman who continues to defy the odds, Kimberly Cloud prepares to tick another box in her long list of achievements as she begins the process of getting her franchise again for the second time. She intends for the process to be a teachable moment for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“I am so happy about that, and I want to share all of my success and legacy. On July 27, the Launch and grow scale will take place to discuss different ways to launch your business,” she shared.

More than an entrepreneur, the mother of two is a community icon who continues to inspire others to reach beyond their dreams and has made her mark in the international space. On May 30, she will be sharing her entrepreneurial journey, the pitfalls, and its triumphs at the International Ambassador program.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors and her astute business sense, Kimberly is also a media icon. She is the producer at the Santa Maria community TV network and Santa Barbara TV network, where she helps people get into the TV community. Furthermore, she has a Youtube channel—the Kimberly Cloud show. She hosts and interviews the finest and most inspiring entrepreneurs who are either trying to make a difference or have made a difference in society. 

In the years to come, the thriving polymath aims to continue setting a precedent of success, proving that ones’ dream can be achieved with hard work, persistence, and courage. In an interview, she advised aspiring entrepreneurs, saying, “You can complete tasks very carefully by making sure each small task is completed, then move on to the big tasks,” she said.

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