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Scent Theory Products Brings It Home This Summer Launching their Newest Luxury Hand Soap Collection — Backyard RoadTrips

From the sun-filled beaches of Cape Cod and Outer Banks to the majestic pine-covered mountains of Acadia to the cactus-covered rocks of the Grand Canyon, Scent Theory’s 2022 limited edition Backyard RoadTrips collection takes you on an adventure to the most popular Summer destinations. 

True to Scent Theory’s tagline take a moment to get away anytime of the day, this Walmart-Exclusive luxury foaming soap line pays homage to a great American tradition, the summer road-trip.  The scents will spur memories of your fondest summer pastimes and hopefully even inspire new adventures!  Featuring 8 iconic USA summer destinations and fragrance ingredients that are native or indigenous to that location, Scent Theory reminds you of time spent with grandpa fishing in the Lake of the Ozarks or the first time eating waffle-cone ice cream on The Cape. 

Through an investment in new automated, state-of-the art equipment into a family-owned US manufacturer based in New York, Scent Theory has reaffirmed their commitment to manufacturing in the USA.  “We felt it was important to our long-term success to invest resources into strengthening our relationship with a trusted US manufacturer.  To be able to invest in a family-owned, USA business like us, is particularly meaningful.  This strategic relationship and investment into operational efficiencies will allow us to continue to grow our manufacturing capacity and minimize any supply chain disruption while ensuring the utmost quality in manufacturing.”  – Kevin Gindi, President of Scent Theory. 

Choose a scent that speaks to you… 

Yosemite: ‘Cedarwood Smoke’  Walk along the giant sequoia groves, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls, while enjoying the fragrant air of cedar wood, ponderosa pine and mountain rain. In the ‘woody’ fragrance family, this scent features fresh cedarwood, smoke haze, and cinnamon spice. 

Outer Banks: ‘Beach Rose’ Warm summer breezes and cool ocean waves meet and the sweet smell of honeysuckle, beach rose and sea salt fill the air. In the floral fragrance family, this scent features beachy florals, sea-salted musk and lime zest. 

Maui: ‘Tropical Mango’ A beautiful blend of sun-filled beaches, volcanoes, palm trees, and tropical rainforests.  Sit under a mango tree as you experience another perfect day in Paradise. In the fruity fragrance family, this scent features coconut water, mango nectar, and juicy pineapple.  

Grand Canyon: ‘Cactus Leaf Canyon’ One of the world’s most majestic natural wonders.  Hike along the copper rocks & desert landscape as you breathe in the cactus flowers.  In the floral fragrance family, this scent features cactus leaf, desert rain and prickly pear. 

Great Smoky Mountains: ‘Mountain Birch’ The scent of sweet pinesap and woody birch linger in the air and the bluish haze that rises over the mountain greets you in the morning. In the woody fragrance family, this scent features sweet pinesap, mountain white birch, and wildflowers. 

Cape Cod: ‘Salted Waffle Cone’ The sweet, indulgent scent of waffle cones swirl around you as you stroll along beautiful, white sand beaches surrounded by grass-covered dunes. In the sweet fragrance family, this scent features baked waffle cones, vanilla cream, and salted butter. 

Lake of the Ozarks: ‘Lakeside Breeze’ Breathe in the fresh breeze as you boat, fish, swim or just take in the lake view.  Part of the Green fragrance family, this scent features crisp air, dogwood blossoms and green pear.  

Acadia: ‘Majestic White Pine’ Discover a land blanketed with lush green forests and rugged shorelines. Inhale the majestic pine-covered mountains as you hike on a scenic trail. Part of the Green fragrance family, this scent features White Pine, Red Spruce, and ocean mist. 

As a luxurious yet affordable personal care collection that utilizes the power of fragrance, Scent Theory believes that the best soaps do more than just clean. With core, seasonal, and limited edition fragrance collections, investing in the USA supply chain is an appropriate next step in meeting the needs of their current, and future customer base.   

Scent Theory was designed as a premium hand care collection at an affordable price that is deliciously scented and makes the endless hand-washing cycle a little less tedious, and even a touch luxurious. The Backyard Road trip collection, which retails for $2.84 will be available for sale at Walmart this July. 

Scent Theory hopes that whether it’s a vacation, a road trip, or something as simple as washing your hands, that you get a chance to experience a little bit of luxury this Summer.  

About Scent Theory:  

Scent Theory creates sensorial self-care products that enhance consumer’s daily lives!  The US-based manufacturer aims to provide consumers with a self care escape every time they wash – at an affordable price.  Scent Theory products are enriched with essential oils and free of parabens, phthalates and harsh chemicals.

To learn more about Scent Theory & their products, click here: and join the conversation with Scent Theory on Instagram at

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