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Reviving Locks: OMORFIE’s Founder Revolutionizes Haircare for Vibrant Tresses

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Have you ever had a hair disaster? Maybe you walked out of a salon with a look that was nothing like what you wanted, or perhaps you’ve been heat-styling your hair for years, causing it to become dry and brittle. Well, fear not because Morgan Prescott, the founder of OMORFIE, has revolutionized haircare with her plant-based line of products that restore and protect your hair.

Prescott, who has 20 years of experience in the hair industry, started OMORFIE after her own traumatic experience with hair loss caused by a salon color treatment. She knew that she had to create a solution that would restore hair health and heal hair trauma. So she went back to basics and reanalyzed her own hair care routine to create a simple system that nurtures and benefits her hair.

The result was a plant-based hair care system that uses natural ingredients to repair damage and boost hair health. Prescott’s goal was to simplify hair care routines and help consumers understand what is truly necessary for healthy hair. Her signature product kit, Let’s Get Lush, has been deemed the #1 selling shampoo kit by Page Six magazine, with a 225% increase in sales since its launch in 2019.

But OMORFIE is more than just a hair care line – it’s a self-care movement. Prescott believes that hair needs to be nurtured and supported, starting from the scalp and making sure that your products are not just hiding damage or adding to previous trauma. She wants everyone to have beautiful hair and makes it possible with OMORFIE.

The brand’s name, OMORFIE, which means “beautiful” in Greek, came to Prescott while she was living on an island in Greece. She had a vision that everyone’s hair should be beautiful, and she set out to make it happen. As a result, OMORFIE has become a top-selling hair care line using sustainable, natural ingredients, backed by Bravo stars of the hit series Real Housewives and Million Dollar Listing. The brand was built on the foundation that everyone deserves luscious hair without investing in an extravagant or expensive routine. 

But it’s not just celebrities who are raving about the haircare line. High-profile advocates such as hair royalty Eden Sassoon, Tracy Tutor, and Jennifer Davis regularly talk openly and enthusiastically about their hair journey with OMORFIE on social media platforms.

OMORFIE’s success is not just due to its products’ quality but also to Prescott’s passion for hair and her determination to succeed. She worked full-time as a business consultant to other salons to raise money to fund her dream of building a renowned hair treatment brand.

Prescott’s dedication to creating a solution for hair health and trauma has paid off. OMORFIE has become a self-care movement that helps women worldwide regain confidence in their tresses. If you’re interested in learning more about OMORFIE and how its products can take your hair to the next level, check them out on Instagram and their website today. Say goodbye to hair disasters and hello to vibrant tresses!

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