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Remarkable NFT Project Homie Gs: Creating a Relatable Collection That People Can Connect With

Numerous crypto ventures have surfaced as of late, including NFT collections like Homie Gs. However, what makes the incredible project stand out from other similar initiatives is the remarkable friendship of its creators that reflects on the values and principles that the brand possesses.

The team is composed of one 3D artist, four metaverse designers, one coder, one web developer, and one back-end security developer. The unique group has organically come together to form a one-of-a-kind passion project.

Homie Gs is a collection of 10,000 metaverse-ready avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, it has more than 200 hand-crafted traits classified as common, rare, super-rare, and ultra-rare. Some specific items even appear only once throughout the entire collection.

The designs are influenced by a combination of things, including music, gaming, fashion, streetwear, street culture, and digital art. But more importantly, each character was created to be an engaging and relatable avatar that anyone can easily connect with. As the inspiring team behind the collection perfectly summed up, “There is a Homie out there for everyone.”

Aside from staying committed to its mission of creating a project that many can relate to, Homie Gs also prioritizes utility. As a result, each token not only represents a well-designed avatar but also comes with countless benefits and perks. 

As outlined in its roadmap, there are exciting developments that will take place in the future. For example, when 50% of the collection is minted, the venture will purchase Sandbox virtual real estate that will be used for community usage, hosting fun activities such as concerts and networking events. 

Furthermore, the community will have a choice in selecting the location of the space. An upcoming merchandise store called Homie G Drip Store will also be available where token holders can purchase wearables, event tickets, as well as metaverse assets.

On top of that, there will be a metaverse expansion where the community gets to decide which advanced platform will be used to grow the project’s ecosystem once it becomes accessible to the public. But perhaps one of its most extensive updates involves the release of a gaming platform with multiple selections, including interactive, arcade, and player vs. player games.

Of course, the creators of Homie Gs are also dedicated to providing a stellar experience for all its investors. As a way to show appreciation, several giveaway events will take place in the near future.

Undoubtedly, the groundbreaking NFT collection is a perfect fit for those tech-savvy individuals who are into non-fungible tokens and the crypto scene in general. Interested individuals should be on the lookout for Homie Gs as it continues to gain traction and rise to the top of the industry.

The first phase of Homie Gs has already concluded, and its second phase, where minting will be available, starts on December 3.

Find out more about Homie Gs by visiting its official website and social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. You can also participate in the community’s discussion over at its dedicated Discord server and Twitch channel.

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