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Radmila Lolly Hosts a Community Event for LEAP

On the evening of September 13th, Radmila Lolly organized a lovely and inspiring community event for the LEAP for Ladies Foundation at the Dragonfly Thrift Store in Miami. Mahlia Lindquist, the program’s executive director, gave a moving address to kick off the occasion. All of the LEAP program participants dressed up in outfits they had bought from the thrift store, where they also work as part of their initial re-entry to the outside world. Throughout the event, they discussed how fashion affects their self-image and how it can be an empowering way to express yourself and interact with others around you.

The presentation’s highlights included a fashion demonstration comprising four pieces from a thrift store: business casual, girl’s night out, dinner date, and ladies’ lunch. The clothes were modeled by Radmila’s friend and choreographer Dawn Price, and chosen and styled in tandem by Radmila and the LEAP program participants. This was preceded by a performance of Radmila’s composition “Breath of Hope,” played by Siobhan Cronin on viola and Francesca Abusamra. Together with the other members of the LEAP board, Radmila is looking forward to co-planning the annual spring gala. Radmila, the most recent addition to the LEAP Foundation board, is extremely passionate about the subject. The foundation’s mission is to empower newly released women and assist them in making the transition back into society by providing them with resources, love, and support.

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