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Philanthropist Gabriela Kirova Launches Campaign to Empower Women in Politics and Aims for Bulgaria to Have the First Bulgarian Female Prime Minister

Gabriela Kirova
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Gabriela Kirova, a successful fashion designer, political activist, and philanthropist, has created a new organization called ‘More Women in Power‘ to encourage more women to participate in high-power company positions and politics in Bulgaria and beyond.

Gabriela, born in Pernik, Bulgaria, graduated from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and has an extreme love for her birth country. Hence, she believes it needs exceptional people dedicated to improving living conditions and making it a better place to call home.

The organization ‘More Women in Power’ advocates that gender equality is not only a basic human right but also a crucial element for a harmonious, flourishing, and enduring world. This pioneering organization in Bulgaria strives to inspire women to engage in politics, assume positions of authority, and achieve their maximum potential by actively participating in civic affairs.

Gabriela established ‘More Women in Power’ with the aim of tackling the prevalent notion that the realm of politics is predominantly reserved for men. She recognized that women are frequently relegated to non-electoral roles in political parties and that gender biases often disadvantage women in the hiring process. Moreover, statistics reveal that in the European Union, women devote twice as much time as men to child-rearing duties.

At a democratic forum, Gabriela Kirova spoke passionately about the need for women to occupy more management positions at the state level. “The data from the EU show that in Bulgaria, women still occupy a small part of the management positions at the state level,” she stated. “This is paradoxical given that for over 30 years, our country has been striving to achieve a much-desired democratic society. We believe that women are the missing factor in the equation.” Kirova went on to highlight the qualities that make women influential leaders, saying, “There is an obvious need for leaders to possess determination, consistency, social commitment, diplomacy and, above all, a sense of care and dedication, all qualities inherent to the female sex.”

‘More Women in Power’ aims to promote gender equality in politics for a better democracy. It will establish networks for women who share this vision in Bulgaria and beyond and provide expert-led training and seminars featuring prominent speakers and political leaders. As women make up half of the global population, the organization believes they should have an equal say in how the world is run alongside men, leading to a more livable and thriving planet.


Gabriela does not stop at just philanthropy when it comes to helping others and fighting for equality. She is a political activist in Bulgaria who wants to inspire more young people to join her in building a civil society that aims to improve democracy. Gabriela also supports various charitable causes, such as connecting young entrepreneurs with investors to bring their bright ideas to life.

Gabriela holds a deep love for her home country Bulgaria, and she’s doing everything she can to help its development. She’s even willing to shake things up and redefine power if women are not given a fair shot. Gabriela lives by the motto “You are as big as your dreams are” and believes that anyone can achieve their goals with determination. She sees the future as a partnership between men and women, working together for a better world.

Gabriela’s tale inspires many, and her group, ‘More Women in Power,’ is a great chance for women to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future for themselves and their nations.

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