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One28: Revolutionizing DJ Income with Breakthrough Growth and Global Expansion

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One28 Corp, an innovative app that empowers DJs to monetize their talent through song requests, has experienced a remarkable breakthrough in growth and expansion in 2023, making waves in the DJ industry.

One28’s presence can be felt in renowned clubs across the globe, making it a true global force. From L’ARC Paris to Palm Beach Club Cannes, Just Me Milan to Tape and Maddox London, Twiga Monaco to 1Oak Tokyo, Lavo NYC to Faena and Story Miami, and Toy Room and Shoko Madrid, One28 operates in an impressive 41 countries and collaborates with over 2,000 clubs.

With such a wide network of clubs, One28 offers DJs an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their talent and earn income through song requests. This unique concept has revolutionized the way DJs monetize their skills, allowing them to connect directly with their audience and provide an unforgettable nightlife experience.

In line with its mission to support DJs and promote their growth, One28 has exciting upcoming events scheduled for 2023. Notably, the Cannes Film Festival witnessed the incredible performances from DJ Lucky, One28’s ambassador, at Palm Beach Cannes on the 17th and 21st of May. The festival also featured Lixon at L’Arc in Cannes and the talented DJ Magnum at Christie’s all taking song requests through One28.

Another highly anticipated event is the Monaco Grand Prix, where the renowned DJ Milane Meritte will perform at MK Monaco, while DJ Magnum graced Lilly’s for Central Cee’s performance. Moreover, DJ Magnum performed at Lilly’s again on Saturday for Rick Ross’ performance and on race day, with the guest feature of Travis Scott.

These upcoming events serve as a testament to One28’s commitment to curating exceptional musical experiences and providing over 1,500 DJs with lucrative opportunities. Through their app, DJs gain exposure to international audiences and can engage with fans in real-time, creating an interactive and immersive atmosphere.

As One28 continues to expand its reach and collaborate with top-tier clubs worldwide, it is set to redefine the DJ industry, empowering artists and revolutionizing the way they earn income. The company’s visionary leadership and dedication to innovation have propelled them to the forefront of the industry, establishing it as a game-changer for DJs around the globe.

In conclusion, One28 Corp’s recent breakthrough growth and expansion, coupled with its upcoming events in 2023, demonstrate its commitment to revolutionizing the DJ industry. With its pioneering app, DJs can now harness the power of song requests and connect directly with their audience, while clubs and venues benefit from an enhanced entertainment experience. As One28 continues to thrive the future looks promising for the company and the DJs it supports.

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