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Morals, Knowledge, and Experience, the Qualities That David Phieler Exhibits in the Mortgage Industry

The process of purchasing a home has long been one of the most significant challenges that buyers have to deal with. Potential buyers can be intimidated by the many steps involved in acquiring their dream homes, and the unfamiliarity of the whole ordeal only backs their hesitancy. Many have already set out a blueprint of what their future homes will look like, but not everyone is aware of the steps taken to attain it, only learning the process once they decide to realize their dreams. Aware of this challenge, David Phieler sought to make a difference.

David Phieler is a mortgage loan officer at Pilgrim Mortgage, and he has long been aware of how problematic it can be for clients to get a property. With the global pandemic, buying a house has been especially difficult, as the crisis has led to a shortage in for-sale homes and increased prices.

A family man who has been married for nearly forty years, a father of three, and grandfather of four, David knows how important it is for families to settle somewhere with a roof over their heads. His morals can also be reflected in his work, going all-out when assisting clients in getting their dream homes and placing a heavy premium on providing exceptional customer service.

A renowned figure in the industry, David is one of the most dedicated officers at Pilgrim Mortgage, a full-service mortgage company that provides FHA, conventional VA, and USDA loans. While the company focuses on closing loans in three to four weeks, Pilgrim Mortgage is driven to take its operations to the extra mile and ensure that every professional transaction is facilitated with quality. As an employee, David shares his company’s sentiments and concerns over delivering the best mortgage solutions to customers. 

Before delving into the mortgage lending business, David Phieler was a power player in the realm of information technology. There he thrived, demonstrating an arsenal of skills under EDS and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. David worked in computer operations, data center management, and executive management for more than three decades. His experience with the company helped develop his communication discipline and customer service orientation, two practices he continues to apply to this date. David has also opened his eyes to the significance of paying attention to the needs of one’s target market.

Owing to his experience, David is highly aware that the quality of customer service can significantly impact how a client can acquire their dream homes and spell the difference between success and failure in the industry. Therefore, he always strives to make himself available to answer all his client’s questions.

“I want to guarantee that every borrower is well-informed and can then select the program that best suits their needs,” he said.

Despite the impact he’s already left in the industry, David Phieler hopes to continue his work, lending a hand to more individuals and families hoping to acquire their dream homes. He strives to give his clients the best experience possible by emphasizing the streamlining of the home-buying process and delivering high-quality customer service.Learn more about David Phieler by visiting his official Facebook page.

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