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Maria Garate, the Award-Winning Realtor at the Forefront of the San Diego Real Estate Industry

The growing accessibility of today’s industries has allowed go-getters from all walks of life to give success a shot. But, along with the ease with which people can now enter their target fields is a daunting degree of competition and saturation, one that makes it increasingly challenging for anyone to stand out and rise to the top. Maria Garate, an award-winning realtor with an impressive portfolio of achievements attached to her name, has managed to not only carve a path toward the forefront of the real estate industry but has also succeeded in securing a coveted position among the top 1% of all realtors in the entire San Diego County. 

Known for her in-depth knowledge of the industry, technical expertise, and passion for helping those under her wing, Maria Garate has steadily racked up one achievement after another over the years. Given the long list of accomplishments under her belt, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that she’s always set her eyes on dominating the real estate scene from the get-go. This assumption couldn’t be any further from the truth.

“The one thing I knew as an adolescent was that I didn’t want to be a realtor,” shared the San Diego State University graduate of business management, who also earned a degree in economics from Tokyo International University. Her adamant refusal to enter the real estate market isn’t entirely surprising for a person who grew up with a family whose hangouts revolved around which houses had closed. Her grandmother, an immigrant from Mexico, moved to Coronado, California, in 1985 and has been in the industry for 35 years. With her mother following the same path, Maria Garate was raised in Coronado and was a staple presence in several open houses. 

It was lending her grandmother a hand in the latter’s business that opened Maria Garate’s eyes to the allure of the real estate industry. “It was fast-paced, dynamic, competitive, and demanding,” she said. “But it allowed for creativity, independence, and social connectivity.” Now armed with an understanding of the field and appreciative of its nature, she went all-out in making a name for herself.

Five years after first officially dipping her toes in the real estate industry, Maria Garate bagged the recognition of becoming one of the most successful realtors in San Diego County. In 2021, the highly driven professional claimed the third spot among the top agents in the Willis Allen Real Estate Coronado Branch. Additionally, she had the honor of receiving the prestigious Real Estate Achievement and Leadership (R.E.A.L.) award. 

Throughout her career, Maria Garate has poured effort and resources into introducing individuals and families to the beauty of Coronado Shores, a community made up of ten luxury ocean-front buildings. In all her transactions, she has consistently delivered top-notch services, tailoring every experience based on the needs of her clients. This commitment toward exceeding her client’s expectations is set to remain at the core of her initiatives in years to come. 

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